Introduction: How to Grow a Bell Pepper

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We live in the capital of Polar bears, Belugas and Northern lights, in a very cold place :) So fresh veggies and fruits are a luxury here. We have 6 weeks of summer and this is the only time we can grow anything in our gardens. So we start to grow , what we can, already in the spring, of course inside the houses, because outside is still -20C or colder :) Here is an idea how you can grow fast sprouts of bell peppers.

Step 1:

Place seeds of bell pepper on a wet cotton pad inside some container.

Step 2:

Cover with another wet cotton pad. Cover the container with plastic wrap and lid, or just plastic bag. The secret of making the sprouts to grow fast is humidity and constant temperature of +25 C .

Step 3:

In 4-5 days you will see the seeds have sprouts and you can place it in the ground. I use toilet paper rolls, cut in halves or an empty egg carton. Place the sprouts in the rolls under dome. It can be glass jar or a big plastic box. Place it in the light area, possibly with sun. Keep it moisture all the times. We spray it every day with spray bottle.

Step 4:

In 2 weeks you will have healthy sprouts. You can plant in the ground with the toilet paper rolls or in the egg carton. It will degrade in the soil. Happy gardening!

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