Introduction: How to Hack Hill Climb -- NO JAILBREAK NEEDED


MAKE SURE: You have Hill Climb closed out by tapping the home button twice. Slide it straight up and it should disappear.

Note: If you don't close out the game, it will not work.

Step 1: Download the Hack File Here on Dropbox (No Account Needed)...

Download the "Documents" file.

Step 2: Download IFunBox If You Haven't Already...

iFunBox is the main part of the process other than the hack file.

Step 3: After Downloading Everything...

Launch iFunBox.

Step 4: Click on Your Device Name.

Scroll through your apps until you find Hill Climb

Step 5: Now That You See the Files Within Hill Climb...Delete "Documents" File.

Step 6: Now Drag the "Documents" File That You Downloaded to Where the Other One Was...

Step 7: Go on Your IPhone and Open Hill Climb.

Check the levels. All of them should be unlocked.

Check the cars. All of them should be unlocked. (As of 12/28/13)

If there has been an since 12/28/13, its fine. There's enough coins on this hack to last a LONG time. But until another update comes out, you won't need coins! :)

Now, your coins should be like 980836770.

Step 8: You've Now Hacked Hill Climb.

Good luck!