Introduction: How to Hack Microwave Popcorn

I was watching a movie while eating some popcorn one day and I thought to my self, why cant they manage to put enough butter in this popcorn? Then I thought I could just melt some butter and pour it over the top, but then I would just end up with some soggy kernels. It didn't take long for me to realize that I would get an even distribution of butter, and no soggy kernels, if the popcorn was popped with the butter, just like it already does inside a bag of microwave popcorn.

So I pulled out a tupperware bowl, a bag of microwave popcorn, and a stick of butter. I quickly tore open the bag of popcorn and dumped it into the bowl along with a lump of the butter. I snapped on the lid, leaving a small portion unsnapped so that steam could escape, and punched in 4 minutes on the timer. As the end of four minutes neared, I began to worry as I have only heard a few pops, no where near as many as there should have been. So I removed the bowl from my microwave and set it on the counter. Just then, I realized that the bottom of the bowl had melted away and poured liquid butter all over my counter. Needless to say, that was a complete and udder failure. On the bright side, the few kernels that did pop tasted delicious.

But all is not lost, I had had another idea. Why not just slip in some extra butter into the bag itself? That is exactly what I did, and I'm proud to say it worked perfectly.

The following are the steps I took to hack into a bag of bland microwave popcorn and make it into delicious super buttered popcorn.

You will need:

1 Bag of your favorite microwave popcorn.
1 Roll Masking tape
1 Knife (butter knife will work fine)
   Favorite Popcorn Seasoning

Step 1: Cut Open Bag

First you need to open up the bag of popcorn from its plastic packaging, and lay it out flat.

Then you need to cut a flap with your knife (butter knife will work because the paper is somewhat brittle). Start at the middle along the seam of the bag and cut towards the edge, stopping a half inch before you reach it. Then cut a similar line 2 or 3 inches apart from the first. Connect the ends of each cut at the ends nearest the edge. You should end up with a flap like shown in the pictures.

Step 2: Add Filling

Next you need to puff up the bag to make room for the butter.

Cut up the butter into small 1/2 inch cubes. Then cram the cubes into the bag along with a dash of your favorite seasoning. Be careful with the type of seasoning you use, it may scorch.

Step 3: Tape Up the Bag

Close up the bag and wipe off any butter or oil that may have gotten on the outside of the bag, this is important for the tape to stick properly.

Run a few strips of tape horizontally across the flap as shown, then to be extra sure, run some tape the other direction. Remember this thing has to under go a little pressure as the popcorn releases steam in the microwave. Be sure to use masking tape as any sort of plastic tape, like duct tape or scotch tape, will melt with the steam.

Also, DO NOT wrap the tape all the way around the bag, the bag needs to expand as the popcorn pops.

Step 4: Microwave!

Plop the taped up bag into the microwave and cook for the recomended time on the package.
You may want to add a little extra time because you have added a bunch of cold butter and it may cause the popcorn to take a little extra time to heat up to popping temperature. I added 30 seconds and stood by the microwave to listen for the popping to stop.

After it's done popping, remove it from the microwave and  pour it into an ugly green bowl for easy consumption. At this point you could add in some extra seasoning if it still needs it.


Other thoughts:

Use plain popcorn and add vegan butter for a diary free vegan friendly popcorn.
Add sugar to make kettle corn
Add some cheese flavored popcorn seasoning to make cheesy popcorn
Carmel for carmel corn?

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