How to Hack Minecraft With SAM



Introduction: How to Hack Minecraft With SAM

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Everyone knows that Minecraft is awesome, but what if you could make it aweSAM!?

Bring the game to you to give your game a little shazam!

Step 1: Gather Your Gear

1. Obviously, we're going to play with the Minecraft sword.

2. To make this, you'll need some markers, a SAM Tilt, Slider and Button, and some paper or board.

3. Colour the lines of the sword in blue, green and black, taking your time with something to look forward to.

Step 2: Assemble Your Weapon

1. Now it's time to cut it out, attach the SAM blocks, and try it out.

2. Carefully cut the sword's edges, making sure to keep right angles throughout.

3. Use some sticky tape to attach the blocks to the sword and stick them about.

Step 3: Program Your SAMs

1. Now it's time to program your SAMs

2. Start by turning on the SAM Tilt, Button and Slider in the SAM Space app

3. Then, drag 1 "To Key" and 2 "Control Cursors" onto the canvas

4. Double click the one "To Key" and change it to "W" on your keyboard map.

5. Change the "Control Cursors" to X Axis and Left Click setup

6. Connect the SAM Tilt and Slider to the "Control Cursors" to bridge the gap

7. Then, connect the SAM Button to the "To Key" at last

Step 4: PLAY!

1. Open Minecraft

2. Play with the sword, SAM blocks and SAM app!

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