Introduction: How to Hack a Point and Shoot Camera and Give It DSLR Features

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There was a craze of point and shoot cameras when i was a kid , it was expensive then and slow with the rise of electronics made them cheaper , by the time DSLR were common ,I had a power-shot that was the first camera i bought with my first earnings , it is so dear to me , but i felt it lacked some control with was supposed to be in it .

By using this hack My camera became more powerful and better than any time it was before , the fun of getting DLSR feature is really great.

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with this hack you can enable RAW, intervalometer,HDR mode, and lot more

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Step 1: Get Your Items Ready

Before starting the hack you need to know something really before you need to know that this hack won't damage your camera at all .
This hack is an software update method that gets rollback easily .
Now we can list all the thing that we will need for this hack.

  • Canon Point and shoot camera
  • SD card
  • SD Card reader / some laptops already have an inbuilt reader.

and little time.

Step 2: CHDK- Canon Hack Development Kit

The firmware we will be using for this hack is CHDK .
It stands for Canon hack Development Kit.

There are two segments in the digital camera market: people who just want to snap pictures, and professional photographers. Accordingly, many camera manufacturers have two "families" of product:

  • Point And Shoot cameras (also called Digital Compact cameras) intended for consumers who want to take snaps. P&S cameras are small, easy-to-use digital cameras, without fancy lenses. First time camera users should get a Point And Shoot camera.
  • DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) or SLR cameras are for professionals and advanced amateurs. Digital SLR cameras are more versatile, have higher quality removable lenses. but are also more complicated, heavier, and expensive. DSLR cameras offer much more manual control over the camera settings, to support e.g. RAW files and bracketing.

The CHDK (Canon Hacker Development Kit) software makes the extra settings of a DSLR available on Canon's point-and-shoot cameras.

Step 3: Finding the Right Firmware for Your Model

Go to the CHDK websites

There you will get the list of supported cameras on the Right hand side of the page.
Go down and search your model once you find it , you will see two or three version .
Click any one you will go to the same page .
In the page click download icon on the latest build heading.
then you will be redirected to

where you will see a similar list go and click on the model and version that suits your one.

There are two option

one full download and the other small version

download any one i use the complete version

Step 4: Installing the Firmware

After downloading the file , unzip it and extract the file to the SD card.

Eject the SD Card and put it back to the camera, and then open the camera in playback mode.

Turn on the camera on in playback mode, and hit menu button.

Go down and hit the update firmware option .
It will ask for a confirmation .
Click OK and your firmware will be updated.

Once update press shutter to get into the camera mode and enjoy the new camera features.
Now you can save in RAW format / see battery life in real percentage

Or you can use intervalometer to create stunning time-lapses, you make you own script .

Step 5: Results

I am an amateur and by this mod i got access to the real possibilities with my camera.
All the pics are clicked in RAW format and edited in Light room .
The extent by which the device can now work is just beyond my expectation.
I have been extensively testing this and will lay down a detail about all its features.

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