Introduction: How to Hack the Eco-Button to Do Other Things...

This little guide will quickly show you how to make the Eco button do your own bidding!

I got mine with a new AMD Processor

(This Guide is for Windows XP only! )

Step 1: Uninstalling the "Eco-Button" Software

If you did not install it, you can just go to the next step!

Step 2: Getting to Your User Directory...

The Eco-button is kinda funny. The Eco-button acts as a keyboard. When you press it. it hits "windows key + R", waits a second, then types in "ecobutton" then it presses enter. This is really simple, and thus, easy to hack. All you need for this is notepad.

To get started, open up the C: Drive in My Computer

Then open "Documents and Settings"

Now you must find your user folder. It usually is the same name you use to log in with. If you have changed the Log in name in the past, (For example from "User 1" to "Joe Man") you will need to choose the old name (Thus "user 1")

You are now in your user directory!

Step 3: Create the *.bat File!

Now, scroll down and right click a white area to bring up the menu. Select new, then Text document

Open it up and put in the following:

@echo This is a cool test

Now, hit Save As... from the file menu and save it with the name "ecobutton.bat" See picture!

Minimize notepad, Do not close it!

Step 4: Testing It Out!

Now press the ecobutton. If it worked, you should be greeted with the below screen:
If it didn't work and you got an error about file not found, it is caused by being in the wrong directory, go back to step 2 and try a different user name.

Step 5: The Final Stage!

This is where you make it do your work! open up the "ecobutton.bat" again. I will show you how to make it launch any program you wish.

First find the program you want it to run in the start menu and right click it, then choose "Properties"
(I choose Google Earth)

Now select everything in target. then "Ctrl-C". This will select all. then copy it to the clip board.

Then open up "ecobutton.bat" , and delete everything inside. Hit "Ctrl-v" so that only the program you want is inside (See Picture)

The two " signs are required, don't delete them!

Step 6: Final Test!

Give the Eco-button a press and your favorite app should be running in no time!

Happy Hacking!