Introduction: How to Hang a Plant From the Ceiling

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As someone with too many plants and pets, I like to hang whatever plants I can to keep them away from the animals! It also frees up space on my shelves for more plants.

I always hang my plants from the ceiling using a swag hook and an adjustable hanging chain.

Swag hooks are easy to install, safer than standard threaded hooks, and they look so much nicer, too. :) They come in a variety of sizes and weight limitations, so have a look around to find the best swag hook for your plants!

Keep reading and I'll tell you all about swag hooks and how to hang your plants from the ceiling!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You don't need much, thankfully!

Tools to hang a plant:

And of course, some plants for hanging :D

Swag hooks are my absolute favorite tool to hang things from the ceiling. It's not always possible to use a stud, and these provide a safe alternative.

The one caveat with swag hooks: know the maximum weight! Every swag hook is rated for a different weight, so be sure to check yours and don't hang anything near the max weight. If the swag hook rips out of the ceiling, it's gonna be a bad time.

Step 2: How to Use a Swag Hook

How you use it all depends on what you end up drilling into!

If the drill sinks into drywall (also known as plasterboard or sheetrock, depending on where you live!) you're going to want to install the swag hook setup on the left. This swag hook includes a hinged clip at the top which anchors the hook against the opposite side of the drywall. (The clip opens flat once pushed through the hole, allowing you to screw the hook into place.)

If the drill sinks into a stud, you'll want to use the swag hook setup on the right. Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw and then use your hands or a set of plier to tighten the hook into place.

Step 3: Drilling a Hole for the Swag Hook

There's only one important thing to consider here: drilling in the right spot! Make sure you consider how plants will be spaced and how much light they'll get. Don't hang the hook too close to a wall so the plant rests against the wall and won't hang freely.

Use a drill with a 5/8 inch drill bit to make a hole in your ceiling.

Remember to switch out for a smaller drill bit if you hit a stud so you can install the screw-in swag hook.

P.S. Don't worry - these holes can be easily patched if you're renting! You can buy drywall patches and spackle in nearly any hardware store and it's a great skill to learn. For a more advanced technique, check out How to Fix a Hole in Drywall by mikeasaurus to learn how. :D

Step 4: How to Install the Swag Hook

Screw the hinged clip onto one end, and the hook on the other. Pinch the clip against the threaded rod and push it up through the hole.

Once it passes through the hole, you should hear and feel the clip's arms extending and becoming flat. Tug on the hook and make sure everything is sturdy, and then begin turning the hook until it's flush with the ceiling.

Tightening the hook sandwiches the drywall securely between the clip and hook so you can be extra sure it'll stay where it should. :D

Step 5: Hang Your Plants and Enjoy!

Use your adjustable chain to get the plant to the right height and gaze lovingly at your new air garden. I'd love to see a picture of them, too! :D

OH! And one last pro tip: if you have a vining plant (like my string of bananas here - over five feet!) that's growing really long, you can use adhesive hooks to drape the plant's vines and keep it out of harm's way. You may be able to see the tiny one I'm using on the left.

Adhesive hooks are also a lovely way to get a pothos, wandering jew or other vining plant to stretch out where you want them.