Introduction: How to Have Minimap in Minecraft 1.12.2

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Hi, today I'm going to teach you how to install a Minimap in your Minecraft. Having a minimap is a great benefit for you who enjoy a single-player adventure in Minecraft.

Step 1: Installing Minecraft Forge

First you need to choose which version of minecraft you will play, chosen the version we will download Minecraft Forge (essential for running mods in minecraft) to download the Minecraft Forge.

Step 2: Updating Minecraft

Installing the forge api is quite simple, however you need to upgrade your minecraft also to the same version of the forge.

Step 3: Download the Minimap

There are several Minimaps for minecraft, in this tutorial I am using Xaeros Minimap, you can download it by clicking here, but you can choose some of that site with the Best Minimaps for Minecraft.

Step 4: Installing the Minimap Mod

Now let's learn how to install the mod, so go in the "start menu" of Windows, and type "Run" now type "% appdata%" You will come across a folder with several files of your Windows, open the folder ".Minecraft" and enter the "Mods" folder (if you do not have any, create).

Step 5: Opening the Game

Open your Minecraft Launcher and choose the profile that the forge api created, and then give a play in the game.

Step 6: GG "Good Game"

If you followed the tutorial correctly, your Minimap for Minecraft should be working properly, have a great game!

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