Introduction: How to Have a Cool Instagram

Having a cool Instagram can be fun and making one is even more fun. If you don't know Instagram is a social media where you can share photos and stories.

Now let's make a cool Instagram!!

Step 1: The Cool Bio

Having a cool bio is a necessity. Your bio lets people know who you are and is usually the first thing they see.

You would want to write about your interest and information (not personal of course) and maybe a famous quote.

But of course all of this is optional.

Step 2: Your Username

(This step is totally optional)

If you want you can come up with a nickname or use a name that means something to you. You want to avoid anything that offended someone or could get you reported.

Step 3: The Profile Picture

Your profile picture is a picture that represents your account. The picture and be of you or something the like.

As you can see my profile picture is

Darwin(amazing world of gumball),

Jake(adventure time),

Rigby(regular show).

Because I like these shows

Step 4: The Photos

This step is a big one. You want your photos to have good content and are fun. Now remember, what you post is up to and you don't have to follow this step.

Now you never ever want to post anything that is inappropriate or offensive.

Step 5: Posting

If you don't know how to post photos here's how. On the bottom there is a button with a camera, tap it.

Then you will have the choice of camera roll, taking a photo, or video. Choose one.

After that tap next. Now you will choose a flitter. (toaster is my favorite)

Next, is the social part, this the where you can tag people, add locations, and share on different social medias.

To tag people tap tag then press on the photo and choose someone.

To add locations tap locations and choose your location.

The hit share!!

Step 6: Not Exactly a Step Hehe

Thank you so much for reading my intractable. (feels like youtube ha)

Remember these steps are all options.

For step four and five so sorry for lack of pictures, it was to much of a hassle.?

Anyway, have fun with your new cool Instagram!!