Introduction: How to Have a Korean Natural Makeup

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Today, I will teach everybody how to have a Korean natural makeup. This makeup is suitable for students and office workers, which appears spirit and yet cute.

Step 1: Put on tone, lotion and primer after cleansing. Doing a good job of moisturizing work is very important, which can prevent easily makeup dizzy even in dry autumn. Before Makeup Step 2: Wear foundation base on skin. As students and office workers, you may not have enough time to have a foundation. Sometimes, an inhomogenous foundation, on the contrary, will looks ugly. Today, I will introduce the Etude House Magic Any Cushion. It presents the light and completely clear sense of making up. Softly press the putt into the moistened sponge, gently pat on the face, which appears luster of cheerless of skin. Not only have the effect of covering, but also effect of sun block. ETUDE HOUSE BEAUTY Magic Any Cushion Magic Mint 02 is mineral foundation, and it effectively treats skin redness & discolorations. The magic BB cushion smells with a flower fragrance, and is suitable for carrying and touch-ups anytime and anywhere. ETUDE HOUSE Magic Any Cushion Magic Mint 02:

Step 3: Draw eyebrows. Choose an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair color or lighter than hair color. First choose a place corresponding to eye head as eyebrow head, laterally shape your brows under the eyebrow, then lightly outline the upper line, follow the natural shape of your brow, next fill in the brow with brow powder. Do not draw too heavily penciled eyebrows, otherwise it will look very unnatural. Finally, brush with kiss me heavy-rotation-coloring-eyebrow gently on your brows. Kiss me heavy-rotation-coloring-eyebrow has a total of four colors, and today I use the most light one-No.01. It is suitable for yellow and brown hair. It received first prize of Japan Cosme Awards for two consecutive years. Kiss me eyebrow color is light, as well as styling effect is good. Hot kiss me cosmetics KISS ME Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow No.01 Yellow Brown:

Step 4: Draw eye shadow. Brush whole eyelids with pink eye shadow, then use brown eye shadow along the edge daub, till palpebral drape (namely the area of double-fold eyelid). Finally using brown eyelash to draw a line eyeliner along with the eyelash roots. Eye makeup is done.