How to Heat Water When the Tank Goes BOOM!

Introduction: How to Heat Water When the Tank Goes BOOM!

Ok, 1st instructable, so go easy on me. The family water heater decided to go BOOM before the predicted replacement in with a Teen, two toddlers, a Wife and to take a bath without your favorite parts shrinking completely away (I took a couple straight cold showers out of necessity after working in Ohio Humidity and Heat). DAMN, not recommended!!

Step 1: Simple Water Heater...

So, what do you do when your Hot water is out? And you want to take a bath...or any other need of hot water?

Well, if you're like me and want to clean up and the month's money is gone, you improvise. And this is what I did...

As a bonus, for the bad old deep fryer, make it work double duty.

In my case, a T-Fal Ultimate EZ works very well do to the design of the heating element. The element is suspended using the lid from a METAL 9 x 13 pan...Will have to substitute something METAL to support the heating element.

Step 2: Element in Suspended Animation...

This is an image of the element and the water preparing to boil... NOT RECOMMENDED to get this hot, For multiple reasons, safety, melting the bucket (possibly), and more than likely scalding someone in the bathtub...

Step 3: T-Fal Ultimate EZ Fryer

Here is the specs on the heater.... Basically, the red electrical plug I had lying around did the trick; have to defeat the safety switch on the side to use outside the fryer base.

Beware of extreme heat and DON'T LET THE ELEMENT TOUCH ANYTHING BUT THE WATER in the bucket. Center it and make sure it is completely submerged (about 2 inches from top of bucket rim).

Took roughly 30 minutes to make water hot enough to add to tub of cold water; took about 3 buckets (15 gal to raise temperature to normal enjoyable bathing temperature.

I've already picked out my new ECO Tankless and will be installing it 1st week in September 2016. Maybe I'll do a instructable for that later. In the meantime, ALL WARNINGS APPLY; BE CAREFUL AND NEVER WALK AWAY FROM HEATER... Also, don't use an extension cord; as demoed here, I set the bucket on top of my stove to use ONLY the original cord!!

Good Luck and let me hear the comments please.

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    Interesting idea. I wonder how well this could be used to heat an outdoor pool.