How to Hide a File in WindowsOS




Introduction: How to Hide a File in WindowsOS

Sometime we have some files which do not want to share to other people.We need hide the file.

Step 1: We Need to Open the Windows Cmd.

  1. press the Win && R in your keyboard.

    you will see a windows like the first pictrue.

  2. input 'CMD'
    will see a black Windows like the second Pictrue.

Step 2: We Need to Know Some Windows Command.

The picture show some useful command.

Step 3: Find the Picture You Want.

I will hide the Picture 'test'

Step 4: Copy the File Path

there have you files Path we copy(Ctrl+C) the file`s path.

Step 5: Paste the Path to the Windows CMD

Step 6: Add You FileName&&input Enter

Step 7: You Will See the File Hide

Step 8: Recover the File

only one step change.

change the + to -.

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    Yolo Pigeon
    Yolo Pigeon

    3 years ago

    this isn't very secure you can easily just show all system / hidden files

    but only a nerd would be able to do that

    so its okay if you just want to hide that photo of yours