Introduction: How to Hit a Volleyball

In this instructable, you're going to learn how to hit a volleyball properly. Set up the net (if available) and get all of the equipment needed to complete the lesson, which is pretty much just a volleyball.


You're going to need a volleyball and a volleyball net, if available.

Step 1: Footwork

Work on the 3 step footwork (right left right if you hit with your right hand, and left right left if you hit left) for your approach to spike a volleyball. Make sure your last two steps are very fast, one after the other, in order to get your maximum jump.

Step 2: Contact With the Ball

You should make contact with the ball almost at the top. Contact the ball with your full open hand, and flick your wrist downwards to put topspin on the ball.

Step 3: Practice

Work on hitting a few downball’s (hit some balls at the floor, by a wall) without the approach just to get the right movements.

Step 4: Put the Steps Together

Get someone to help you, either setting the volleyball, or just tossing the ball up by the net when you’re ready to hit. Try adding the steps together and use your 3 step approach to gain momentum to jump as high as you can and hit the ball over the net.

Step 5: Conclusion

I hope this tutorial has helped you learn to properly hit a volleyball to the best of your ability. Keep practicing to improve for your best hits!