Introduction: How to Hold an IPC J-STD-001 CIS Class

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This Instructable will teach you how to set up an IPC J-STD-001 CIS (Certified IPC Specialist) class, from materials listing to proper instruction techniques.

Step 1: Registration

Make sure each student has registered in the IPC training portal at : The correct credentials should be brought to class by each student.

Step 2: Class Materials

Make sure all of the class materials are present. To hold a class here is a checklist of items that you will need as an instructor:

Make sure that the PC/projector combination is working.

Make sure each student has an IPC-J-STD-001 standard, a notepad and writing utensils to take notes, the latest IPC Policies and Procedures (downloaded from the IPC training portal), all of the hand soldering tools to perform soldering, an IPC-J-STD-001 training kit. Also make sure that each student has access to a web-connected PC for testing

Step 3: Instructor Materials

Make sure all of the instructor materials including samples for the explanation, IPC J-STD-001 CIS instructor guide, IPC J-STD-001 PPT slide deck, instructor PC loaded with the IPC J-STD-001 training slides for showing the slide deck is loaded. Sample materials for instruction should include but be not limited to PCBs, components, images, videos and more.

Step 4: Room Conditions

Make sure the room is clean, well-lit and is WiFi enabled.

Step 5: Testing / Instruction

Begin instruction. Testing should be completed after Module 1. Proctor the exam, answering student questions as required. Review the results with the students.

Continue instruction for the hand soldering demonstrations and skills development. Allow the students to repeat the skills you have demonstrated using their J-STD-001 training kits. Have them bring up their training boards for your inspection and approval. Sign off on their instruction sheets if they have satisfactorily demonstrated the skills.

When completed the instructor needs to check off that the hands-on skills have been completed successfully by each student.

Step 6: Wrap-Up

If necessary, schedule any make up tests or extra time working at their soldering stations for those that have not passed a given module. After the instruction of the modules has been completed, download the certifications for those that have passed the exam filling in the student’s credentials and signing the certificate. Fill in the instructor notes and submit the class on the IPC training portal.