Introduction: How to Honda 06 10 AC Blower Motor Replacement

Changing out the blower motor in a Honda Odyssey takes little time and can be done by any physically able person. This is not a common thing but can be needed to be done after several years and your blower stops working.

Tools Needed:

• Short Phillips screwdriver

• 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey Blower Motor

Step 1: Locate the Under Carriage on the Passenger Side Right Below the Glove Compartment

After locating this black piece pull it down from the front of it (side closest to you) till it comes offIt snaps in so it will come right off and set this piece to the side.

Step 2: Locate the Transistor in the Upper Left Corner and Unplug the Connecter

Push down the tab on the top of the plug and pull it off

If it is too hard to pull off, unscrew the two screws and take the piece out to get it unhooked

Step 3: Find the Blower Motor and Take the Cover Piece Off That Has Two Screws·

When the cover piece is taken off unhook the connector that is underneath the part cover

Step 4: Remove the Three Screws Around the Part

While removing these three screws keep your hand underneath the part with pressure so it does not fall out.

Step 5: Push the Cords Over to the Far Side Away From You Side to Get the Part By

Step 6: Put the New Part in and Screw the Three Screws Back in and Plug the Connector Into It

Step 7: Place the Connector Cover Back Over It and Screw the Two Screws Back In

Plug the transistor back in

screw it back in if needed

Step 8: Put the Black Under Carriage Back in and Snap the Pieces Back in Place