Introduction: How to Hook Up a Trailer.

Step 1: What You Need

You need the right size ball and hitch to match the trailer and weight requirements, a truck that has a hitch with the right towing capacity for your purpose, a trailer that is certified and insured.

Step 2:

Insert the ball hitch into the truck hitch and fasten with a pin and safety clip.

Step 3: ​Prepare Trailer So You Can Connect the Ball.

Open coupler lock, and make sure the trailer is raised at the right height so the ball can fit underneath.

Step 4:

Back up the truck and position the ball directly underneath the tongue and lower the jack that the weight of the trailer is fully on the ball.

Step 5:

Close the coupler lock and be sure it is fully locked then insert safety pin into the lock.

Step 6:

Raise the jack to full height and hook up the chains and electrical cord.

Step 7:

Make sure all lights and signals are functioning including brakes (if equipped).

Step 8:

Your all set to go haul.

Step 9: