How to Hook Up an Amp to Subwoofers




Introduction: How to Hook Up an Amp to Subwoofers

Everyone loves having supreme sound in their car, but the price to have speakers installed? Ridiculous! It’s much more rewarding and inexpensive to simply do it yourself. In this tutorial, you can follow step by step to install your amp to subwoofers with the convenience of going at your own pace in your own home without the fear of anyone else going into your car!

Tools and Materials:
- Car wired for subwoofers

- Amp -Subwoofers

- Allen wrench

- Screwdriver (Depending on amp)

- Patience

Step 1:

Make sure your car is correctly wired for subwoofers, meaning you have a solid power wire with a fuse running from the positive battery terminal all the way to the trunk as a source of power. Then you need RCA cables b running from the back of your radio deck unless you have a line out converter which taps into your factory speaker so you don't need to run RCA’s from the deck you can do it directly from the LOC which saves the headache of running the wires all the way through the car. RCA’s are what send audio signals to the amp that tells the subwoofer which notes to play. Then you need a remote wire running from either the deck or the LOC, a remote wire is what tells your amp when to turn on and off. Without it, your amp will stay on and drain your battery making it essential. Lastly, you need a solid ground cable connected to a bolt somewhere in the trunk out your car, make sure it's connected to bare metal; if there is a paint coating covering the metal it's best to sand it down for the best connection. Once you have a properly wired car you're ready to hook up your amp to your subwoofers.

Step 2:

Make sure the Amp correlates with subwoofers; this means wattage and rms matches with the subwoofers so you don't blow them out. For example, my subwoofers can push 1200 watts at 600 RMS, RMS represents how much continuous power a subwoofer can handle. It is imperative that you don't overpower or underpower your subs, I recommend not going 100 watts over or under suggested wattage.

Step 3:

Begin with disconnecting the negative terminal from the car battery in order to prevent electrocution or blowing of any fuses.

Step 4:

Mount the amp in a designated area. Preferably in an area with lots of air space so you refrain from overheating the amp. It is pretty common to mount it behind the seats but I mount mine on the top of my subwoofers with velcro strips so it stays secure as well as maintaining the sleek look.

Step 5:

Start off with connecting RCA cables in the correct slots. There's going to be a red and a white connection, you're going to match the white RCA cable with the white connection while the colored wire goes with the red connection.

Step 6:

Next you're going to connect the the positive and negative speaker wire to your subwoofers. If you have an subwoofer enclosure, There will be positive and negative terminals. Black being negative while red is positive. Connect one side of negative speaker wire to the negative terminal on the sub box and the positive to the positive terminal.

Step 7:

Connect the other end of the negative speaker wire to the negative slot on the amp as well as the positive to the positive slot on the amp.

Step 8:

Connect the ground cable to the Slot labeled ground on the amp. Connect the remote wire to the remote labeled slot on the amp. Connect the power wire to the power wire. Make sure all connections are secure.

Step 9:

Now it's time to reconnect the negative terminal on your car.

Step 10:

Make sure the power light on the amp is on and you're ready to enjoy!

Video of finished product:

Step 11:

Video of finished product:

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    Question 7 weeks ago on Step 6

    So my positive and negative brackets came a loose from wires inside my sub woofer so I’m trying to reconnect but when I place the wires on to the correct spot (positive and negative) posts there’s nothing to hold it in place


    Question 8 months ago on Step 9

    So I have everything ready to go but my only question is how do I dial in the volume???


    Question 2 years ago

    Is the left speaker the positive or negative or does it matter


    6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :)