Introduction: How to Hydro Dip Shoes

About: Gonzaga Student

The following instructable provides a step by step process on how to hydro dip any shoe of your choice. I used Adidas Ultra Boosts and the paint didn't stick well, so if you are looking to hydro dip this type of shoe I do not suggest it. If you are looking to hydro dip a shoe with a texture like Vans or Air Force 1's this will be relatively easy.


  • shoes you want to dip (white shoes will have the least interference with the colors you choose)
  • a bin big enough that you can fully dip your shoes into
  • multiple color spray paints (any amount of different colors is fine)
  • painter's tape or duck tape (duck tape is going to be a challenge to take off)
  • a water source.

More optional materials include:

  • a face mask because the spray paint has toxic fumes
  • some type of gloves so your hands stay dry and clean

Step 1: Shoe Cleanse

Take the laces out of your shoes and clean them and the shoes with soap and water. I used a cleaning brush but a toothbrush can work also.

Step 2: Tape

Use your painter's tape or duck tape to cover all the parts of the shoe you do not want to get covered in paint.

Step 3: Water Bin

Fill your bin up with water, but not all the way to the top.

Step 4: Spray Paint

Shake your spray paint well and spray onto the surface of the water into it is fully covered. This step is going to have to happen twice for both shoes. Make sure to wear a mask!

Step 5: Hydro Dip

Put your gloves on and dip your shoes very slowly into the water and fully submerge them one at a time. When the shoe is underwater use your other hand to wipe away excess paint on the surface of the water before pulling the shoe up.

Step 6: Final Product

Now that you have let your new shoes dry lace them up put them on and show your friends! When they ask how you colored them you know where to send them.