Introduction: How to Impress Your Friends With Only 9 Cards!

Have you ever been at a party or gathering where you feel left out? If you need something to impress your friends with and you happen to have cards on hand- I have just the trick for you! No magic experience necessary. :)

Step 1: Let’s Get Started!

The only thing you will need for this 5 minute trick is a deck of standard cards. No trick decks necessary.

Step 2: Setting Up

For this trick, you will only need the royal cards- except for the Spades- they don’t work. Group the cards together by suit and display them to your friend, face side up. Make sure to ask them to remember what they see, because at the end of the trick those cards will be in the same place.

Step 3: Let’s Shuffle!

Ask your friend to pick a suit and to shuffle those cards. Line them up face down and do the same with the other suits until you have 3 shuffled piles.
Use the images above as a model.

Step 4: Stack Time!

Next, ask your friend to stack the piles on top of each other in any order they desire, until there is one deck.

Step 5: Cut!

Cut the deck evenly in half as many times as you want, just to prove the cards are completely shuffled.
NOTE: When you “cut” a deck, you place the bottom half on top.

Step 6: Split!

Split the deck again by dealing 2 piles, as if you are going to play War or Slapjack.

Step 7: Shuffle!

Again, allow your friend to put one of the piles on top of the other.

Step 8: Abracadabra!

Now for the most crucial step-
Call the Card Gods by spelling out the names of the suits in your pile. Start always with clubs: C-L-U-B. On the last letter of every word, put a card face down. Next spell H-E-A-R-T, putting a card down on the T. Finally, spell out D-I-A-M-O-N-D, placing a card down on the last D.
NOTE: Be sure to remember if you put the cards down from left to right or right to left, this could make or break your trick.

Step 9: Repeat!

Do the same thing with your remaining cards, but remember to place them down in the other direction. If you did the first round left to right, make sure to place the second round right to left!!

Step 10: The Final Countdown!

With your remaining 3 cards, repeat your call to the Card Gods, placing the cards down IN THE SAME DIRECTION AS THE LAST ROUND.

Step 11: Ta-Da!

Time for the big reveal… drum roll please...Ask your friend to flip over the cards, revealing all of the suits, arranged PERFECTLY the way they started.
Congrats! The crowd is going wild and you’re the life of the party!