Introduction: How to Increase the Grip of Your Old Footwear

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Your Old Sandals/Shoes Giving you a slip?

Feeling afraid to trek?

Fret not, There is a simple trick to increase the traction of your old, Worn out footwear. And it takes just 15 mins!

Things needed-

An Old Soldering iron

Step 1: Make the Grip.

Let the Soldering Iron heat up to Operating Temperature and Repeat any grip lines that your Footwear soles might have. These grip lines work like Tyre Treads, biting into the surface and giving you grip. Over time the Tread wears down. Making Grooves Deeper will renew your footwear!

Step 2: Add More!

Feel free to add more Grooves as you please!

Note- I Tried the Hot glue method before. It does not last more than 15 mins. Quite a waste of time.

Do report back with your Groove style and experience.