Introduction: How to Insert Film in a Canon EOS Rebel G Camera

When getting a film camera, it is a bit difficult inserting film when you do not have a dark room. So you have to actually go into a dark room or closet. You're basically going in blind, but it's worth it after.


  • Film Camera
  • Film (black n white or colored film)
  • Batteries

Step 1:

REMINDER: DO NOT expose the film in any shape or form of light !!

Exposing the film into light you ruin the film

  • Open the camera, push the tab down to open the back side.
  • The film has a hollow hole and the hole will be placed on the orange

Step 2: Film

  • When inserting film you place the film onto the orange spot
  • Make sure the tab is out
  • Next pull the tab onto the side

Step 3:

  • After placing the film close it
  • Then check on top to see the number of film was is left in your camera
  • As you take photos the film number will go down

Step 4: Final Step

ENJOY !!!!