Introduction: How to Install 2015-up Ford Mustang Behind Grille LED Podlamps

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This installation guide will show you how to mount the behind-the-grille Ford Mustang 40W LED pod lights onto the 2015-up models. Please note that if you are working with a Mustang Ecoboost model, it has active grille shutters that must be removed in order to mount the high powered CREE LED pod lights. If your Mustang model is either the GT or convertible trim, you may ignore this note; neither has active grille shutters.

We highly recommend removing your Ecoboost's bumper first (if this applies to you) before taking out the active grille shutters and reinstalling the bumper once you've mounted the LED pod lamps for a more streamlined installation process. You may also remove the bumper if you do not have active grille shutters. Read on to learn how to remove your Mustang's front bumper. The installation pictures are based on the convertible model which does not have active grille shutters.

Step 1: Remove the Front Engine Shield.

Open your Ford Mustang's hood and undo the tabs to release the engine shield and reveal your working area.

Step 2: Preassemble the LED Pod Lights.

Use the included U-brackets to put the LED pod lights together.

Step 3: Check to See If You Have Active Grille Shutters or Not.

You can look through your grille to see whether or not you have them. The first image depicts a Ford Mustang grille without grille shutters while the second image shows one WITH grille shutters.

If you are working with an Ecoboost Mustang, it has grille shutters that must be removed in order to install the pair of behind grille LED pod lamps. We recommend removing your bumper before the active grille shutters to make the installation process easier. To learn how, watch this Ford Mustang bumper removal video.

Step 4: Widen the Mounting Hole.

Use a scissor, filer, or a similar item to widen the hole so that our bolts can be routed through.

Step 5: Mount the Mustang LED Pod Lights.

Drop the LED pod lights down the gap indicated by the arrow. Mount the preassembled LED pod lights onto the circled hole.

If you are working with an Ecoboost trim, you can directly mount the Mustang LED pod lamps onto the hind side of your grille since you've already removed the grille and active grille shutters.

Step 6: Final Steps

Reapply the bumper if you removed it. Wire the behind grille LED pod lamps using the included relay wiring harness with switch.

Test the LED pod lamps to make sure they fully light up. Once you've confirmed that they function properly, put the engine shield back on to finish. Enjoy your Ford Mustang's behind-the-grille LED pod lights!

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