Introduction: How to Install Curtain Rod by Own Hand

By following these steps,you can easily installed curtain rod through own, without waste your money.


Things,you have needed......
1) drill machine(upto 13mm )
2) drill bit(6mm)
3)Bullet&screw-[1inch or you can use 1+1/2 inch bullet&screw; remember both bullet and screw size would to be same.] ( 4pc,4pc bullet&4pc screw)
4) curtain rods[ length depends upon ; width size of your door or window.]
5) curtain holder( 2pc; for one curtain rod)
6) curtain

Step 1: Ready Items

Bring the items listed above to yourself

Step 2: Make a Leak Mark of Curtain Holder on Wall

At first you take two curtain holders. Then you take one curtain holder& Now place the curtain holder on one end of the wall (when you setup)and place the pencil on the foot of the holder and take the marks of the holes on the wall; Similarly, place the second holder on the wall and draw the leak marks with a pencil.

Step 3: Drill & Setup Curtain Holders

Now put the drill bit in the drill machine and drill the places with pencil marks on the wall through the drill machine. Then set up a bullet in those holes; Then put the two holders and setup it with screws

Step 4: Install Curtain Rod

Now setup the curtain on the curtain rod and set the rod in the holder on both sides of the wall. Now you have completely installed the curtain rod.