Introduction: How to Install External MOSFET to Any 3D Printer!

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The high current of the hotbed brings multiple problems to your mainboard. All the current for the bed has to go through the one connector in addition to all the other current for the hotend, the steppers and the logic units, the default connectors are not rated for the current that goes through them when printing. Which could cause a Fire and fry your house.

So today I will show you how to install an external MOSFET in any 3D printer!

So let's get Started!

Step 1: Watch the Video !

If you don't want to read all the stuff you can Watch my video.

Step 2: Remove Cover & Wires

Remove the cover from your motherboard of the printer because we will need access to all the wires under it. Then remove wires from the connector of the Heated Bed. Be careful and first unplug the mains supply before opening the cover of Motherboard.

Step 3: Wire Up the MOSFET

1) Now take your External MOSFET & Wire which comes with it, Connect it to the connector which says CONTROL on it. And connect another end of the wire to the Motherboard's connector of Heated Bed (From which we just Removed wire of heated bed).

2) Now connect Heated Beds wire to the MOSFET, It does not have polarity so don't worry about it.

3) Now get a wire of at least 18AWG(or larger) and connect one end to the MOSFET's POWER side and another end to 3D printers Power Supply!


Step 4: Success !

After you have done all the connections when you power up Printer. LED on Power Side will light up and when you, Turn on Heated bed Both LEDs on POWER and HEAT BED side will Light up.

Step 5: Thank You !

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