Introduction: How to Install Free MACH 3 CNC Software Screenset

I was always a DIY-er, as you all and a CNC machining process was very interesting for me. It was a way to make different parts for my devices.
My first familiarity with CNC was started from old huge milling Bridgeport machine. Later I found out about MACH 3 CNC software. But the first thing I noted was its awful interface! After numerous industrial CNC controls that I saw this one just blew my eyes with a huge amount of different buttons, colors and pictures. Other bad news was about the need for using of the mouse for its operation. Then I thought: “Can I make the interface more clear and convenient?” and made my own screenset for MACH 3 CNC software. Due to a lot of time that I spent by repairing industrial CNC controls the target interface was cloned from SIEMENS CNC. I don’t know why, but SIEMENS is more spreaded in my region. And I like this CNC J In this instruction I’ll show how to install and setup a Free screenset for MACH 3 CNC software.

Step 1: Downloading the Screenset

Download it "Free MACH3 CNC Software screenset" and save to your local hard disk. It is packed for reducing of size.

Step 2: Copying of the Files

Unpack the downloaded archive to the folder with your copy of MACH3 CNC software. If you followed default instruction on MACH3 installing it is C:\MACH3. After unpacking you should receive additional file “YaraScreen xxx.set” in your MACH 3 folder and the folder YaraScreen in MACH3/Bitmaps path. XXX in the name of screenset is the version number and screen resolution which the screeset is intended for.

Step 3: Select the Screenset in MACH3

Start MACH3 CNC software. Open the menu item View \ Load Screens and find YaraScreenXXX.set file which you installed a one step above. The interface of the MACH3 CNC software should become as on the picture.

Step 4: Change Options for Better Look

For the best look of the screenset you should make some changes in MACH3 options. Open the menu item Config \ General Config and make corrections as on the picture. It will make the look of your screenset more professional.

Now the operating with MACH3 becomes much clearer and you can work without mouse, just with keyboard. It is very safe and save a lot of time on switching between modes and screens. Now you can use MACH3 CNC software for installing on professional and affordable Modular industrial PC.

Good luck and have a nice day…