Introduction: How to Install Front Bumper Lip Strut Rod Support Bars

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This tutorial will show you how to install our universal aluminum front bumper lip splitter strut rod support bars. Lower bumper lips are set pretty tightly when installed correctly. However for those with an extra need for security and touch of JDM, the lower bumper lip strut rod is the perfect accessory for their front bumper.

*Please note that installing the strut rod support bar will involve some drilling.*

Step 1: Drill Holes Onto Your Lower Bumper Lip.

You will be mounting the bumper lip strut rod by its ends, onto your lower lip and your bumper. Both ends of the strut rod support bars are identical so you won't have to worry about which end goes where.

To mount it, unthread the nut from the bolt. Route the bolt ends through your drilled holes and rethread the nut to tighten.

Step 2: Extend the Front Bumper Lip Strut Rods to Your Ideal Length.

To extend the strut rod support bar, use a pair of pliers to clamp onto the mini U-shaped bracket while holding on to the screw with a wrench. Turn both tools upwards and inwards in a closing motion to extend the strut rod bar to your desired length.

If you purchased the shorter AA2317 strut rod bar, you can extend it from 6" up to 7.5". If you purchased the longer AA2316 strut rod bar, you can extend it from 8" up to 9.5".

Step 3: Mount the Front Bumper Strut Rod to the Bumper Lip's Drilled Holes.

Mark your desired upper bumper mounting area before committing to making a hole.

Step 4: Drill Holes on Your Marked Location.

Bolt the other end of the splitter strut rod to your bumper mounting location to finish.

Step 5: Conclusion

Your car is now equipped with the strut rod support bar to hold up your lower bumper lip for security and the extra JDM touch.

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