Introduction: How to Install LED Interior Lights for a BMW E60 5-Series

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The E60 5-Series is a mid-sized executive car created by BMW; this sixth generation model is the brands second best-selling vehicle behind the 3-Series. Like most mid-sized luxury vehicles, there is ample space for passengers inside the cabin which requires for an equal amount of lighting for the passengers to better see inside the car. The BMW E60 has a staggering amount of lights inside to provide optimal lighting for the occupants. The factory incandescent halogen bulbs do a poor job of providing light and may leave the occupants wanting more output to see better inside the cabin. Since we specialize in LED lights, we decided to provide a solution to this problem by replacing these poor incandescent bulbs with brighter, more efficient, and reliable LED replacement lights.

LED panels are the perfect choice for this type of housing as it has a broad base that the panel can fit into. LED panels are available in various sizes so it is best to measure the housing dimensions before purchasing to determine the best one to purchase. LED panels use more LED diodes that provide more light output when compared to the traditional LED replacement bulbs.

Let us take a look at how to install these lights in the many applications inside the E60 5 Series:

1.) Starting at the back of the vehicle, we will open the rear dome light housing using a plastic trim removal tool (or flat head screw driver if you do not have one). Carefully pry down the entire assembly from the roof of the cabin, make your way around the entire assembly as you pull it down.

2.) Disconnect the harness from the assembly and set the light assembly aside.

3.) You will need to remove the clear plastic lens from the front to gain access to install the LED bulbs. Using a flat head screw driver, unclip the lens from the assembly by opening the lock clips front the back.

4.) Grab your LED lights (in this case, we used an LED panel with a T10 bulb adapter) and install them from the front. The head of the LED bulb will most likely be too large so it will not fit from the back; install it from the front. Repeat the same procedure on the outside lights of the assembly.

5.) After installing, re-install the clear plastic lens, reconnect the assembly to the harness, and re-install the entire assembly into place. Test the lights to make sure they work by turning on the lights.

6.) Moving onto the front of the vehicle where the map lights are, use a trim removal tool (or credit card if you do not own one; it is important to use a wide base plastic piece instead of a metal piece to avoid damaging the trim) to remove the back of the map light housing. Disconnect all the harnesses associated to the roof window controls.

7.) Remove the front map light housing the same way as the rear dome lights.

8.) Disconnect the harness and remove the plastic front lens. Replace the lights with the LED lights and re-install.

9.) Enjoy your new LED interior lights!