How to Install Nitrous Oxide

Introduction: How to Install Nitrous Oxide

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So you want to install nitrous oxide into your vehicle?! In this step by step video we show you how to install the Nitrous Express Proton Nitrous System into 1998 F150. The proton nitrous system will work for most fuel injected vehicles.

Step 1: Mount Bottle and Run Nitrous Line

Find a mounting location for the bottle, preferably outside of the passenger compartment if possible. Mount the bottle with the appropriate bottle brackets.

Attach the braided nitrous line to the bottle and route it to the engine compartment.

Step 2: Mount Solenoids

Find a mounting location for the nitrous and fuel solenoids. In this install the two solenoids were enclosed in one unit which we mounted to the firewall.

Step 3: Plumb the Fuel System

Plumb the fuel system to the fuel solenoid. During this installation, we were able to simply use a 3/16 to a -4AN fitting that went into the fuel rail to make it super easy to attach the -4AN hose from the fuel rain to the fuel solenoid.

Step 4:

Install the nitrous purge solenoid. Use an appropriate fitting, such as T fitting for AN line. Mount the purge solenoid to the IN side of the nitrous solenoid. Install a purge line to the solenoid and run to your desire location, in our case we ran it through the windshield wiper cowl.

Step 5: Install Nitrous and Fuel Lines

Attach the nitrous and fuel line to the OUT sides of the nitrous and fuel solenoids. Temporary attach the lines to the spray nozzle, then find a location on the intake tube you would like to install it, making sure its clear of moving parts and other items.

Step 6: Install Nitrous Nozzle Into Intake

Install a threaded insert into the desired location of your intake tube to thread in the nitrous nozzle. Reinstall the intake tube, install the desired jetting into the nozzle then attach the fuel and nitrous lines.

Step 7: Install Fuel Throttle Switch

Install the full throttle switch, either to the gas pedal or on the throttle body. In our case we mounted it below the throttle so the hammer of the throttle would hit the switch at about 98% throttle.

Step 8: Wiring It Up!

Wire up the nitrous and purge solenoids, then the switches.

Step 9: You're Done!

You're ready to start spraying! After you install cold spark plugs and retard the ignition timing accordingly.

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