How to Install Synthetic Double Ended Dreads




Introduction: How to Install Synthetic Double Ended Dreads

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This tutorial will show you how to install synthetic double ended dreads.  I will show you the simplest way to install your dreads, while giving good scalp coverage.  Install dreads like a professional with this simple tutorial.. 

Step 1: You Will Need

Double ended dreads aprox 50-60 double ended dreads (giving 100-120 dreads once installed), elastic bands or pony bands, a sectioning comb, and section clips.

You will also need some patience.....

Step 2: Getting Started

Getting the sections right is vital to a flawless dread install
It's worth taking your time and getting it right. There are several ways to section the hair for dread or braid (plait) installs. I am going to show you the most common sectioning pattern (brick layer pattern), it's also very simple.

Starting at the nape of the neck, section off a row from ear to ear, clip the rest of the hair up out of the way, (pic 1).

I like to make my rows aprox 1.5cm, you can of course make them larger or smaller.

Next divide your row into squares (pic 2), I make them 1.5 x 1.5cm. Leave one square loose and clip the rest out of the way.

Divide the hair in your square into two pieces, place your dread between those pieces (pic3). The middle of the dread should be against the scalp between those pieces.

Clip the top section of the dread on top of the head, this keeps it out of the way while you braid the bottom.

Take your two pieces of natural hair and cross them over the dread (pic4), this gives you three sections that you can braid, keep the tension and braid (pic 5), when you reach the end secure with an elastic band (pic 6).

Repeat along the row (you will have aprox 4-6 dreads in this row).

Step 3: Second Row

With the first row complete (pic 1).  It's time to start the second row.

Once again section off a row from ear to ear, the same width as your first (1.5cm for me) and sub divide into squares, this is where the brick layers pattern is introduced (pic 2).

Don't line your squares up with your first row, take your top square into the centre of the square below (pic 3) & (pic 4). This helps your dreads sit flatly against the head and hides your scalp.

Close up of brick layer pattern (pic 5).

Repeat this with all the squares in the row.

Step 4: Finishing

When you have completed the second row it should look something like this pic 1.

Continue working in rows, remembering to make the square above end in the centre of the square below (Brick layers pattern).

Until you have covered the whole head.  If you wish to leave a fringe / bangs then do so, its personal preference.

When you have finished the dreads should cover all of the scalp as shown in pic 2 & 3.

It does take practice and patience.

Finshed......Good luck......Single Ended Dread install tutorial also available.

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4 years ago

Should my real hair be freshly clean / wet / dry / curly / straightened when I do this? If I am using beads should I put them on the dreads before or after? Thanks!


8 years ago on Introduction

That is unbelievable? That small part of her.his dark hair around the lock is just extremely braided tightly? Because I noticed her hair was longer than that...and where was the band place? and last question-sorry-will her's/his watnot---last a long time? Someone spent two days doing this---but I had small lightweight,thin,heavy,large-and braids---a big ADHD mis---haha...Thankyou<3 Kit


10 years ago on Introduction

Can you post (or can you point me in the direction of) the method used for securing DE dreads into short hair? I only have about an inch and a half to work with at this point. Also... how do you wash this hair? Thanks so much. Your tutorials are superb.


11 years ago on Introduction

Great instructables! I just read both guides for single and double ended dreads, which left me with a question: what's the difference in the end? How do you choose one over the other?


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

Hi Seth,  usually it comes down to weight. DE dreads can be very heavy so if your new to dreads or just dont like all the excess weight then SE are probably best. You can get excellent coverage with both types.  You can also install DE in really short hair (by using  a different install method than shown). You need at least 3" of hair for SE.
Thanks for reading and commenting on my instructables. X


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

Thanks! One more thing: how permanent are they? Can I change them once a month like braids or once on you have to cut your hair like with real dreads?
(My hair is about 13" if that makes any difference)
I hope to see the instructable for the install method you mentioned someday


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

Hi Seth,
You can leave them in for up to 3 months, You dont need to cut your own hair to remove them. So you can chnage them as often as you like. With 13" hair you could use SE or DE.  They take r9oughly 2-3 hours to install. So they are an excellent way to change your hair. I'll post some more instructables in a few days. Thanks