Introduction: How to Install Undertale on Your Phone or Tablet.

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Undertale is an incredibly cool PC game, what would you say if I told you you could play it on your phone!

Well you can!!!!

Today's Instructable is going to guide you through the process of installing Undertale on your phone.


- Your phone has to be an Android phone, sorry iPhone users, it's Apple's fault.

- If you successfully finish this tutorial, please do not distribute the finished .APK file; that is considered pirating and you can be sent to jail for it. The same goes for the PC version of Undertale, please don't pirate that too.

Step 1: What You Need.

Before we start let's go over the stuff we need.

- A Windows or OSX computer with Administrator access.

- An Android phone or tablet with "Unknown Sources" enabled.

- 50 MB of free space on your phone or tablet(135 MB if you want music).

- 7-Zip File Manager, a free program for Windows & OSX.

- 45 Minutes to 1 Hour of time.

- Undertale PC Version


Step 2: Stuff You Need to Download.

First, we download a blank file. This is essentially a base for the PC game files we are going to put inside of it.

Download the file here.

Step 3: Editing the .APK.

Now, right-click the blank file we downloaded earlier(UndertaleWrapper.apk) then hover over the bar that reads "7-Zip", then click "Open Archive". Go to the "/assets" folder, you will see a file called "game.droid", this is the file which contains everything from the game(or should contain) (code, graphics, sfx, etc).

Next, open your "Undertale" folder from C:\Program Files\Undertale\. If you installed Undertale from Steam then while you are in Steam right-click the name "Undertale" in installed games then, Properties, "Browse Local Files". Then, you are going to see an .EXE file, extract that using 7-Zip.

In the Undertale folder you will see a file called "", if you don't see it, then scroll down. Make a copy of the "" file somewhere else on your computer, then change the name of that file to "game.droid" the right-click on it then "Cut".

Okay, now take a deep breath. Ahhhhhhhh. You're almost halfway through.

Now, right-click the blank file we downloaded earlier(UndertaleWrapper.apk) then hover over the bar that reads "7-Zip", then click "Open Archive". Go to the same "/assets" folder we saw earlier, and right-click "Paste". When it asks you if you want to replace the existing file with this one, say yes.Then, Exit 7-Zip.

Step 4: HaLfwAy ThRoUgH!!!!!!

If you don't want the music, then all you have to do is copy the .APK to your phone or tablet, then install an application called "Zip Signer" from the Google Play Store. Once "Zip Signer" is installed, open it then select "Choose In/Out"; for input choose the .apk file you just moved, and for output pick whatever location you like. After it's done just look in the folder you selected for output for a file called "UndertaleWrapper-signed.apk" click that and after it's installed proceed to step 7.


If you want music then continue on with DETERMINATION!!!!!!!

Step 5: Music!!!!!!

Download the "aapt.exe" file from here (This is a 100% original copy of the "aapt.exe" included with the Android SDK, if you don't trust this, download the Android SDK and get it from that)

After downloading, move it to the same folder your "UndertaleWrapper.apk" is in, now, for the important step, create a folder called "assets" in the same folder as the "aapt.exe" (NOT INSIDE THE "UNDERTALEWRAPPER.APK") copy all "*.ogg" files and the "credits.txt" from your Undertale PC/MacOSX installation to that folder... copied everything? Good, now, open the command prompt(if don't know what that is then open start and search up "command prompt") and go to the folder where "aapt.exe" is in, now, cop the text below,paste it in the prompt, and hit enter.

aapt add -f -v UndertaleWrapper.apk assets/credits.txt assets/mus_a2.ogg assets/mus_alphysfix.ogg assets/mus_amalgam.ogg assets/mus_ambientwater.ogg assets/mus_anothermedium.ogg assets/mus_bad.ogg assets/mus_barrier.ogg assets/mus_battle1.ogg assets/mus_battle2.ogg assets/mus_bergentruckung.ogg assets/mus_bgflameA.ogg assets/mus_birdnoise.ogg assets/mus_birdsong.ogg assets/mus_boss1.ogg assets/mus_cast_1.ogg assets/mus_cast_2.ogg assets/mus_cast_3.ogg assets/mus_cast_4.ogg assets/mus_cast_5.ogg assets/mus_cast_6.ogg assets/mus_cast_7.ogg assets/mus_chokedup.ogg assets/mus_churchbell.ogg assets/mus_computer.ogg assets/mus_confession.ogg assets/mus_coolbeat.ogg assets/mus_core.ogg assets/mus_coretransition.ogg assets/mus_core_ambience.ogg assets/mus_creepy_ambience.ogg assets/mus_crickets.ogg assets/mus_cymbal.ogg assets/mus_dance_of_dog.ogg assets/mus_date.ogg assets/mus_date_fight.ogg assets/mus_date_tense.ogg assets/mus_deeploop2.ogg assets/mus_disturbing.ogg assets/mus_dogappear.ogg assets/mus_dogmeander.ogg assets/mus_dogroom.ogg assets/mus_dogsong.ogg assets/mus_dontgiveup.ogg assets/mus_doorclose.ogg assets/mus_dooropen.ogg assets/mus_drone.ogg assets/mus_dummybattle.ogg assets/mus_dununnn.ogg assets/mus_elevator.ogg assets/mus_elevator_last.ogg assets/mus_endarea_parta.ogg assets/mus_endarea_partb.ogg assets/mus_endingexcerpt1.ogg assets/mus_endingexcerpt2.ogg assets/mus_express_myself.ogg assets/mus_fallendown2.ogg assets/mus_fearsting.ogg assets/mus_flowey.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_1.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_2.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_3.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_4.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_5.ogg assets/mus_f_6s_6.ogg assets/mus_f_alarm.ogg assets/mus_f_destroyed.ogg assets/mus_f_destroyed2.ogg assets/mus_f_destroyed3.ogg assets/mus_f_finale_1.ogg assets/mus_f_finale_1_l.ogg assets/mus_f_finale_2.ogg assets/mus_f_finale_3.ogg assets/mus_f_intro.ogg assets/mus_f_newlaugh.ogg assets/mus_f_newlaugh_low.ogg assets/mus_f_part1.ogg assets/mus_f_part2.ogg assets/mus_f_part3.ogg assets/mus_f_saved.ogg assets/mus_f_wind1.ogg assets/mus_f_wind2.ogg assets/mus_gameover.ogg assets/mus_ghostbattle.ogg assets/mus_harpnoise.ogg assets/mus_hereweare.ogg assets/mus_hotel.ogg assets/mus_hotel_battle.ogg assets/mus_house1.ogg assets/mus_house2.ogg assets/mus_intronoise.ogg assets/mus_kingdescription.ogg assets/mus_lab.ogg assets/mus_leave.ogg assets/mus_menu0.ogg assets/mus_menu1.ogg assets/mus_menu2.ogg assets/mus_menu3.ogg assets/mus_menu4.ogg assets/mus_menu5.ogg assets/mus_menu6.ogg assets/mus_mettafly.ogg assets/mus_mettatonbattle.ogg assets/mus_mettaton_ex.ogg assets/mus_mettaton_neo.ogg assets/mus_mettaton_pretransform.ogg assets/mus_mettmusical1.ogg assets/mus_mettmusical2.ogg assets/mus_mettmusical3.ogg assets/mus_mettmusical4.ogg assets/mus_mettsad.ogg assets/mus_mett_applause.ogg assets/mus_mett_cheer.ogg assets/mus_mode.ogg assets/mus_mtgameshow.ogg assets/mus_muscle.ogg assets/mus_musicbox.ogg assets/mus_myemeow.ogg assets/mus_mysteriousroom2.ogg assets/mus_mystery.ogg assets/mus_napstachords.ogg assets/mus_napstahouse.ogg assets/mus_news.ogg assets/mus_news_battle.ogg assets/mus_ohyes.ogg assets/mus_oogloop.ogg assets/mus_operatile.ogg assets/mus_options_fall.ogg assets/mus_options_summer.ogg assets/mus_options_winter.ogg assets/mus_papyrus.ogg assets/mus_papyrusboss.ogg assets/mus_piano.ogg assets/mus_prebattle1.ogg assets/mus_predummy.ogg assets/mus_race.ogg assets/mus_rain.ogg assets/mus_rain_deep.ogg assets/mus_repeat_1.ogg assets/mus_repeat_2.ogg assets/mus_reunited.ogg assets/mus_rimshot.ogg assets/mus_ruins.ogg assets/mus_ruinspiano.ogg assets/mus_sansdate.ogg assets/mus_sfx_a_grab.ogg assets/mus_sfx_chainsaw.ogg assets/mus_sfx_hypergoner_charge.ogg assets/mus_sfx_hypergoner_laugh.ogg assets/mus_sfx_rainbowbeam_hold.ogg assets/mus_shop.ogg assets/mus_sigh_of_dog.ogg assets/mus_silence.ogg assets/mus_smallshock.ogg assets/mus_smile.ogg assets/mus_snoresymphony.ogg assets/mus_snowwalk.ogg assets/mus_snowy.ogg assets/mus_spider.ogg assets/mus_spoopy.ogg assets/mus_spoopy_holiday.ogg assets/mus_spoopy_wave.ogg assets/mus_star.ogg assets/mus_sticksnap.ogg assets/mus_story.ogg assets/mus_story_stuck.ogg assets/mus_st_happytown.ogg assets/mus_st_him.ogg assets/mus_st_meatfactory.ogg assets/mus_st_troubledingle.ogg assets/mus_temshop.ogg assets/mus_temvillage.ogg assets/mus_tension.ogg assets/mus_tone2.ogg assets/mus_tone3.ogg assets/mus_toomuch.ogg assets/mus_toriel.ogg assets/mus_town.ogg assets/mus_tv.ogg assets/mus_undyneboss.ogg assets/mus_undynefast.ogg assets/mus_undynepiano.ogg assets/mus_undynescary.ogg assets/mus_undynetheme.ogg assets/mus_undynetruetheme.ogg assets/mus_vsasgore.ogg assets/mus_waterfall.ogg assets/mus_waterquiet.ogg assets/mus_wawa.ogg assets/mus_whoopee.ogg assets/mus_wind.ogg assets/mus_woofenstein.ogg assets/mus_woofenstein_loop.ogg assets/mus_wrongnumbersong.ogg assets/mus_wrongworld.ogg assets/mus_xpart.ogg assets/mus_xpart_2.ogg assets/mus_xpart_a.ogg assets/mus_xpart_b.ogg assets/mus_xpart_back.ogg assets/mus_x_undyne.ogg assets/mus_x_undyne_pre.ogg assets/mus_yourbestfriend_3.ogg assets/mus_zzz_c.ogg assets/mus_zzz_c2.ogg assets/mus_zz_megalovania.ogg assets/mus_z_ending.ogg assets/snd_ballchime.ogg assets/snd_bombfall.ogg assets/snd_bombsplosion.ogg assets/snd_buzzing.ogg assets/snd_curtgunshot.ogg assets/snd_fall2.ogg assets/snd_flameloop.ogg assets/snd_heavydamage.ogg assets/snd_mushroomdance.ogg


If it is done it will prompt you the same way it did when you opened the program.

Once it's done exit out of command prompt and go see if your "UndertaleWrapper.apk" has a size of 134 - 136 MB, if it does then you did it right!!!!!!!!

Step 6: Sign the .APK.

Copy the .APK to your phone or tablet, then install an application called "Zip Signer" from the Google Play Store. Once "Zip Signer" is installed, open it then select "Choose In/Out"; for input choose the .apk file you just moved, and for output pick whatever location you like. After it's done just look in the folder you selected for output for a file called "UndertaleWrapper-signed.apk" click that and once it's installed proceed to the next step with DETERMINATION!!!!!!

Step 7: A Gamepad.

Hang in there guy's,we're almost to the end!!!

Download this .APK to your phone or tablet and install it.

Step 8: How to Play.

If you made it to this part of the tutorial, then I CONGRATULATE YOU LIKE CRAZY FOR BEING DETERMINED AND HANGING IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Job!

All you have to do to play is go into your keyboard settings and select "GamePad", once you see a notification appear, open Undertale and tap the notification to bring up the gamepad, and PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 9: The End.

Awesome! We just successfully converted a PC game into an Android game(with music) and successfully installed and played it!!!!! Now that's WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading guys and if you liked it follow me on instructables, instagram, twitter, and visit my website!!!!

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