How to Install Windows 95 on Android Phone

Introduction: How to Install Windows 95 on Android Phone

Ever wanted to run Windows 95 on your Android Device?

Emulation is a very difficult process, thankfully Windows 95 has very little requirements. On the phone it works perfectly like on a computer, if someone wants to have the operating system on the phone it's only Windows 95. You will need the limbo application to install windows on your phone.

Step 1: The Concept

The basic concept behind running windows on your Android device is emulation of the operating system.

We will first download and install application limboThen we will copy the iso windows image to our phoneThen we will install windows 95 Finally play with Windows!

Step 2: Files

  1. Copy the ISO Windows 95 image to our android device
  2. Download application limbo:

Step 3: Configure and Installing

Set the following parameters:

Create New Virtual Machine

  • CPU / BOARD architecture: 32 or 64
  • Machine Type: PC
  • CPUModel: qemu32 / qemu64CPU
  • Cores: max
  • Ram Memory : minimum 128mb

Storage Create new ImageRemovable Storage Select a windows image


  • VGA display: STD

Boot Settings

  • Boot from Device: Default

User Interface

  • User Interface : SDL
  • Select Fullsreen

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