Introduction: How to Install a 2016 Toyota Tacoma LED Light Bar

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Toyotas are known for their affordability and superb fuel economy. There isn’t a single day when you don’t see a Toyota on the road, whether it be a sedan, SUV, or a pick-up truck. The Tacoma takes its pluses a step further by positioning itself as a superior work vehicle and daily driver. This is the truck to have if you are looking for versatility in all settings. After a trip to the countryside, the Tacoma transitions well when it traverses back into the city.

We’ve designed this LED light bar system for the 2016-up Toyota Tacoma that gives your pick-up truck 5x more lighting power for off-roading occasions. It achieves the wolf in sheep’s clothing effect in which it seamlessly sits behind the grille, waiting to shine through when it leaves the city and into the wild. Our LED light bar adds to the Tacoma’s multipurpose look that spells out its ability to thrive anywhere.

Here, we will show you how to install the LED light bar for your Toyota Tacoma. You can download the PDF file to follow the instructions at your convenience.

Step 1: Remove the Grille.

You will need the space so you can adequately install and accommodate the LED light bar. There is no room to do so otherwise.

To uninstall the grille, remove the 2 bolts and clips with a screwdriver and flat-head, respectively. Lift the grille up and pull back to detach from the truck.

Step 2: Locate the Mounting Location.

Use a flat-head to pop off the clips on either side of the metal beam, as shown.

Step 3: Mount the L-shape LED Light Bar Mounting Brackets in Place.

The longer arm should be pointing up while the shorter end is mounted.

There are four holes that give you the flexibility of how high you want your LED light bar to be. We recommend the highest hole for a uniform look when you reinstall your grille.

Step 4: Mount the 30” 180W LED Light Bar in Between the Support Brackets.

Use a double nut and bolt combo to secure the LED light bar.

If you need more hand space to run the nut and bolt combo through, you can pull back the plastic flap behind the mounting brackets.

Step 5: Tap the Wires Into and Existing Harness.

Refer to this LED light bar wiring guide for step by step instructions on how to wire up the LED lightbar with a relay and switch.

Step 6: Test Your LED Light Bar.

Once you make sure that all lights are functioning, reinstall your grille.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Toyota Tacoma’s New LED Light Bar!

Our Toyota Pickup light bar shines through the grille uniformly, as the light floods through space between two bars of the grille. This not only boasts a clean aesthetic but also creates a sense that the LED light bar comes standard with the Tacoma.