Introduction: How to Install a Cold Air Intake on a Golf GTI 4th Gen.

Hello, I am Templeton Mutua I will be showing you how to correctly install a cold air intake on a VW MK4 golf GTI. I have been working on vehicles for 2 years, on top of that I am going to Lake Area Technical Institute for two years. In just a few easy steps you can have a better breathing engine and a happier mind that you have done something for your vehicle.

Step 1: Tools Needed


head screw driver

1/4 Racket

1/8 Ratchet

T25 torque bit

17mm and 13mm sockets

Breaker bar

Step 2: Prep.

Remove air box

Step 3: Prep.

Lift car off the ground (height depends how much room you want)

Step 4: Prep.

Remove tire (with 17mm socket and flat head to remove black caps)

Step 5: Prep.

Remove inner wheel fender (using T25 torques bit and ratchet)

Step 6: After Prep.

M.A.P – Manifold Air Pressure sensor

Step 1: Take tubing fit it in front of front tire in bumper leading to the M.A.P sensor. (sensor is off the end of the intake manifold)

Step 7: Step 2

2. Fit silicon connector (with fasteners) between tubing and M.A.P sensor

Step 8: Step 3

Tighten fasteners

Step 9: Step 4

Take air filter with fastener, go under the car and connect to the opposite side of tubing.

Step 10: Step 5

Connect recirculating tube to the side of the metal intake tube

Step 11: Step 6

(Looking at the metal tube that should be connected to the M.A.P and the air filter) Mid-way down the tube next to the EVAP tube there will be a hold down bracket. Use 9 mm socket and the bolt given to in the kit, bolt down the metal tubing, on the side of the engine bay.

Step 12: Step 7

Grab inner wheel fender, take bolts and reconnect to the inside of the fender.

Step 13: Step 8

Put tire Back on

Step 14: Step 9 (Final Step)

lower the car

Step 15: Video

*I didn't go step by step, because of situation.*