How to Install a Dreadlock Clip Set

Introduction: How to Install a Dreadlock Clip Set

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Want the look of dreadlocks but don't want to commit to the real thing or the work of a synthetic install? Never fear! Doctored Locks is here! In this video Doc will show you how to wear, install, and style our dreadlock clip set, the easiest way to get the dreaded look in just a snap!

For this tutorial you will need:

Gather the goods and lets get started!

Step 1: Section & Backcomb

Part a section of your natural hair. Clip the hair out of the way. Lightly backcomb the hair where the clips will be placed. Position the teeth of one clip in the hair and snap shut. For longer wefts, snap the center clips shut first, then alternate side to side (this will stop the weft from migrating to one side).

Step 2: Repeat

Repeat the sectioning and backcombing for the remaining smaller wefts. Be sure to take into account natural part lines (ie if you have an extreme side part, you may have to have more clips on one side of your hair than the other).

Step 3: Camouflage and Set

Use your Little Wonder brush to backcomb just above each weft. This will help to hide your extension attachments. Lightly mist hairspray over the top layer of natural hair and near the natural hair ends to blend.

Step 4: Style

Style as desired! The possibilities are endless with dread clip sets!

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