How to Install a Passage Door Lever

Introduction: How to Install a Passage Door Lever

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This is a guide for installing a 'passage' door lever / handle. Not all handles are the same as dimensions may differ between levers, although this is a pretty standard install and a common lever. Specifically this guide is for the 'Mucheln HERO' door lever from HardwareBox

Step 1:

Determine the height of your door handle based on your preference (normally between 900mm and 1000mm). At this height, measure 60mm (2 ⅜”) from the edge of the door and mark the locations for all the holes as per the template, with a pencil. Ensure you mark both side of the door.

Drill two (overlapping) 23mm (7/8”) holes in the end of the door as per the specific measurements in the 'template' image attached to this step by step. These holes need to be at least 90mm deep. This will house the tubelatch.

Chisel out the hole where the tube latch sits using the measurements at the bottom of these instructions. Then, chisel out the striker plate on the door frame, using the striker plate itself as the template to draw around.

Step 2:

Using a 23mm (7/8”) drill bit, drill a hole at the location you have marked on the side of the door. Take care to drill straight, so the hole is in the correct location on the opposite side of the door too. It is recommended to drill half way through the door from one side, then continue drilling on the other side of the door to ensure the hole is level.

Using the concealed rose as a guide (5), mark and then drill using a 6mm (1/4“) drill bit, the other 2 holes required. These holes are for the screws (3)

Insert tubelatch and screw in place.

(Numbers in brackets refer to the image in step 1)

Step 3:

Insert spindle through the door (6)

Slide on handle and rose assembly (1, 2, 5) on both sides of the door. Check the operation of the lever to ensure a downwards motion is achieved.

Cut the screws (3) to the required length first then fasten both assemblies together using the screws and threaded sleeve (4). To fasten the screws, you will need to slide the rose cover up the handle out of the way. A hand screwdriver is recommended to ensure the finish is not scratched by a power drill making contact with the rose cover.

Insert and fix into the smaller screws into the door through the concealed rose (5)

Step 4:

Tighten the grub screws on the side or bottom of the handle to fix them to the spindle

Slide the rose cover (2) over the concealed rose (5).

You're all done!

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