How to Install a Tweeter Into Hyundai I30 (or Any Other Car)




Introduction: How to Install a Tweeter Into Hyundai I30 (or Any Other Car)

Hello, my friends!!

I bought the Hyundai I30 and the original speakers are good but there is no that "bright" sound I have been looking for.

The idea is to add a pair of tweeters in order to listen to the higher notes and make the sound more reliable.

If you guys have any ideas to improve the original car sound, let me know!


Step 1: Step 1: Get a Nice Pair of Tweeters That Can Be Embed

My choice was to buy the JBL tweeter that has all parts needed to embed into my car mirror internal cover.

TIP: Before buying it, check if you do not have the mirror controls into the cover... It will only work on an electrical side mirror.

Step 2: Remove the Side Mirror Plastic Cover & Door Cover (optional)

Most of the covers does not require any screws, so check it before try removing to not damage it.

If you have the wiring available, you don't need to remove the door cover :), but in most cases, you must remove everything to access the speaker wires.

Step 3: Mark the Center Hole

Remove any foam protections adhesives or any other stuff.

Check the center doing that, use a paper template to place the center hole at the right place.

Using a 2mm drill bit, make the pilot hole.

Check the best fit for the tweeter. In this case, the bottom left square support is used to indicate the right spot.

Step 4: Make the Tweeter Hole

Using a cup saw, make the hole putting the drill bit at the pilot hole with patience and care.

The diameter has to be 1-3 mm smaller than the tweeter. That's because you have some material to make adjustments with a knife/razer.

Do the final adjustments and check for the best fit.

Step 5: Place the Tweeters

After finding the best fit, remove any other materials to add the locking nut. That should be a hard fit, to prevent the speaker from falling out later. Add some glue (epoxy or silicon) if needed.

Step 6: Wiring & Finish

Add the wires by extending the existing wires from the door speaker. If you have the wiring available (some cars have it) you should only connect and isolate with electrical tape.

If you need to add the extension wires:

1. Remove the screws off from door speaker;

2. Split the wires with a knife and connect the new ones;

3. Do the isolation with electrical tape or a shrinking tube;

4. Add foam tape to protect the wires from internal noise or possible damages;

After all wiring finishes, do a sound test to make sure everything's working.

Mount the door cover and the mirror side cover always checking the wiring.

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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you!!! By the way, I love your work. Lots of good stuff there :)


    2 years ago

    The higher equipped i30 has factory fitted tweeters, you can buy that for a few bucks and don't have to cut this plastic part. Just search for the part number: 876602L020
    If you can, try to rotate the tweeters to face to your head, they will give better sound.

    Anyway, clean install, good job!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hello! Unfortunately here in LATAM market, we don't have this part available to sell. I think if we try to import it, it will not be cheap :). THANK YOU!!!