Introduction: How to Install a Wifi Thermostat With or With Out C Wire

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In today's video we are taking a look at how easy and simple it is to install a WiFi Thermostat with or with out a C Wire. The C wire is used in many systems, because it is the one that gives constant energy to your device, in conventional non WiFi systems , its usually required a battery, but because this system requires more than just a back light that old systems can provide by a couple of batteries. This newer system need more juice to power the back light and for WiFi.

C Wire Adapter

HoneyWell Wifi Thermostat

Wifi Thermostat

Regular Thermostats


Step 1: Step 1: Removing Old Thermostat

The First thing we want to make sure is that the breaker that provides electricity to the thermostat is off. Now That we have turned off the breaker , we can proceed to removing the thermostat's faces. Remember that each thermostat can be different but it will be the same concept. If screws hold it in place we can go ahead and remove them until we get to the exposed wires.

Step 2: Step 2: Label the Wires

Once we located each wire, we go ahead and proceed on labeling each wire to the corresponding letter located on the thermostat wire housing. You can use paper and tape or the labels provided on your new thermostat. Now That we have labeled the the wires we can go ahead and remove the screws that hold them in place. After removing wire screws we can go ahead and remove the wire housing from the wall, to give way to the new thermostat.

Step 3: Step 3: Install New Thermostat Wire Housing

In this step if you own a level, it be a great time to put it to use, and we use the level to find the correct level for the placement of the new thermostat. We can now proceed to screwing the new screws with the thermostat wiring housing to the wall. Now we can go ahead and straighten the wires to prepare them to their new home.

Step 4: Step 4: Installing Wires Including C Wire

Now The thermostat wire housing is ready to receive the wires according to their corresponding letters. If your old system did not have a c wire , you can verify inside of the wall for additional wires, like in our case we did find additional wires inside the wall as well as the c wire. But if in your case you do not have a c wire, you can use a adapter as the one used in our video. This particular adapter provides a C wire and a RC wire, meaning that when you have both R wire and RC wire you wont need the jumper. In this particular adapter there is no particular way to install the wires according to the adapters manual they can both be interchanged between the C wire or the RC wire but both do need to be installed. If you want your installation to look more professional you can use the old nut and rope to pass the wire behind the wall. Making a hole at the bottom of the wall or behind the base board , you can access the nut, tie the wire and pull.

Step 5: Step 5: Final Step

Now that we have installed the wires and or adapters, we can go ahead and install the display. Now that you are almost done we can go ahead and turn the breaker on and or connect the adapter to a electrical outlet. You can download your particular app , according to your system or go to the specific web page to sing in or create a account so you can acces your system on the go.