Introduction: How to Install a Wooden Pole Beach Umbrella

An instruction set created by Bethany Sandone.

Step 1: Before You Begin

Please read all instructions carefully before attempting to setup your wooden pole beach umbrella.

Pay close attention to any WARNINGS that are highlighted throughout the instructions. The warnings are pointed out to guarantee your safety while setting up your umbrella.

Make sure to both read the written instructions and view the images provided. The images are labeled with the letters that correlate to the written instructions for each step.

Step 2: Supplies

You will need the following supplies to assemble the wooden pole beach umbrella.

A. Wooden pole attachment

B. Umbrella attachment

C. Sand

Step 3: Location and Inserting Pole Attachment

A. First, you want to find an area of land that is large enough for your umbrella, about five feet in circumference.

B. Then, using the wooden pole attachment, the pointed end facing the ground, use two hands to stab the pole into the ground. You should use moderate force for this step. Bend at the knees slightly, as shown in the image, so you do not hurt your back.

WARNING – The wooden pole attachment has a sharp end, be careful when utilizing this piece! Keep away from children and bare feet!

Step 4: Installing the Pole Attachment

A. Once you have the wooden pole partially in the sand, wrap two hands around the top portion of the pole under the metal covering and use a strong grip. This type of grip is shown in photos “A” and “B”.

B. Next, you want to swirl the pole in a circular motion with moderate force in the downward direction. You should be creating a hole no larger than two inches around.

Step 5: Installing the Pole Attachment Continued

A. Now, with the circular hole in place, you want to shift the pole forwards and backwards, towards and then away from your body to increase the depth of the hole. As you do so, continue to apply force in the downward direction. The pole will slowly sink into the ground with each forward and downward motion.

Step 6: Checking Wind Direction

A. The hole you have created should now be deep enough that about twelve to fifteen inches starting at the pointed end of the pole is below the surface of the sand.

B. Now, you will need to determine the direction the wind is blowing. Give the pole a slight tilt, about five degrees, in the direction the wind is blowing. This will help ensure your umbrella does not blow away.

Step 7: Securing Pole Attachment

A. Then, using your feet, you will want to push the surrounding surface sand into the hole you created for the pole attachment. Continue filling the hole until the sand is once again level with the surface. Now, add a little extra sand around the base of the pole, where it meets the sands surface, and press down on the sand to compact it.

Step 8: Aligning Umbrella Attachment and Pole Attachment

A.Now that your pole in inserted into the sand, grab the umbrella attachment. The umbrella should still be closed at this point.

B. There will be a hole on the pole attachment that is made to fit the button on the umbrella attachment.

C. Holding the umbrella attachment closed above the pole, align the hole on the umbrella attachment with the button on the pole attachment.

Step 9: Connecting Umbrella Attachment

A. Now that the umbrella attachments hole and pole attachments button are aligned, push the button on the pole attachment in and slide the umbrella down onto the pole attachment until the button clicks into place.

WARNING – Be cautious of your fingers around the button when pressing and inserting the umbrella attachment onto the pole attachment. Your fingers can be pinched between the two attachments!

Step 10: Preparing to Open Umbrella Attachment

The umbrella attachment should now be connected to the pole attachment. You are now be ready to begin the process of opening the umbrella.

A. You will need to use one hand to hold and stabilize the pole to the ground.

B. You will use your other hand to push up on the plastic center unit of the umbrella.

Step 11: Opening Umbrella Attachment

Now that your hands are in place you are ready to open the umbrella.

A. Raise the umbrella by pushing upwards and extending your arm until the middle unit clicks into place and the umbrella is fully open.

Step 12: The Final Product

Your wooden pole beach umbrella should now be ready for use!

You can use your wooden pole beach umbrella for shade or any other desire on the beach.

If installed properly the beach umbrella should not blow away or harm anyone on the beach.

You can now relax and enjoy your wooden pole beach umbrella!