Introduction: How to Install a Woodworking Vise

This project can be confusing to some (me included) and i wanted to make an easy to understand video of the process. This accompanying text may be beneficial as well :)

You will need a woodworking vise and some type of hardwood. Also you will need some type of handle. You can buy a handle or make your own if you prefer. This is the vises i used:

and here is the handle:

Step 1: Measure for Your Jaw(s)

Clamp the vise and plate where you want the vise to be installed. Get a rough measurement of the vise jaw while the vise is in place. Make sure to leave extra height so that the top can be planed flush with the benchtop at the end.

Step 2: Cut Out the Rough Sized Jaw(s)

So on my vise i chose to only add an outer jaw, and use the edge of the benchtop for my inner jaw but you can do this a couple different ways so do what works best for you! Cut the oversized jaw to length and width, but dont forget to leave a little extra so you can dial it in later.

Step 3: Remove the Vise From the Clamps

Now that you have your measurement and the jaw(s) cut, you can take the vise off.

Step 4: Remove Back Plate

Remove the back plate from the main screw and guide rods.

Step 5: Remove Quick Release Nut

Remove quick release nut, but REMEMBER how it goes, i suggest taking a picture of it's oreintation so that you make sure it goes back correctly, if not the vise will not operate as intended.

Remove the main screw and guide rods from the vise plate. If you have a standard vise rather then a quick release you can just unscrew the main assembly from the plate.

Step 6: Mount the Vise Plate

Put the vise plate back into its desired location. Make sure to leave space from the edge of the benchtop to the plate (do not flush mount) to ensure proper operation of the vise. Use a pencil and mark the centers of the mounting holes on the plate. I always like to use a punch or an awl when the holes matter to give the drill bit a good starting point and prevent it from wandering. Pre drill all the marked locations and mount the plate with the proper sized screws for your vise.

Step 7: Mount the Front Jaw to the Vise Hardware

Place the jaw in posistion to be mounted, making sure to leave the top edge proud of the top of the bench. Use a pencil to mark the center of the holes in the vise mounting plate where the rods and screw will go through the front jaw. Drill the holes out slightly larger than what is required to fit the rods and screw so that there is some play to account for any minor error in your markings. Slide the vise hardware through the front jaw face and mark the location of the screws to mount the vise hardware to the front jaw. Again, use a punch to mark, then pre drill and install the screws. Now the hard part is over!

Step 8: Install Vise Hardware Into Front Jaw

If you are using a quick release vise, place the main screw and rods barely in the holes on the vise mounting plate (just enough to hold them in place. Reinstall the quick release nut ( in its proper orientation ) and screw the vise in. Reinstall the back plate onto the main screw and rods. This plate will prevent you from overextending the vise and having it fall off unintentionally. Install your handle and screw the vise all the way in.

Step 9: Plane Flush

Plane the top of the Front & Rear (optional) jaw(s) flush with the benchtop. WE'RE ALMOST DONE!

Step 10: Apply Finish

Apply your preferred finish to the Jaw(s) and the handle. Check the action of the vise to ensure everything is traveling properly. If so , You're all set, ENJOY YOUR NEW VISE!

Step 11: Go Check Out the Video on the Process

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact me through my website or Instagram DM

Thanks, and don't forget to get better EVERY DAY!!!!