Introduction: How to Install an E27 Lampholder

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In this instructable, I install an E27 Lampholder to a lamp and install all of the wiring.

Step 1: E27 Edison Screw Lamp Holder

This is an E27 lampholder, also known as an Edison screw. It works with traditional incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs and newer LED bulbs.

E27 lampholders sometimes get stuck in a locked safety position and need to be unlocked before they can be installed.

Step 2: Unlocking the Lampholder

In order to unlock a Lampholder, locate the center terminal that goes to the edge of the bakelite socket.

Press down on the edge with a screwdriver. You may have to press a few times to get it to unlock

It is a matter of approximately 1 mm. You then twist the socket and unscrew it when the terminal has been pushed down sufficiently

Step 3: Connecting the Power Cable to the Socket Screws

With the socket taken apart, I strip the ends of the electric cable and screw it into the socket screws.

If you have a 3 wire cable with a ground wire, you would connect it to the screw located at the base of the socket.

Step 4: Threading the Wire Throught the Lamp's Chassis

I disconnected the lampholder and threaded the wire through the lamp chassis. I then screw the lampholder to the lamp base.

With the lampholder on the lamp base, I tie a relief knot in the electric wire which will keep the wire in place.

I then reconnect the wires to the socket screws

Step 5: Adding the Lamp Shade

I screw in the lampholder and lock it in the secure position. I then add the lampshade

Step 6: Connecting a Plug to the Cable

With the lampholder installed, I then proceed to attach an electric plug to the other end of the cable and an on off switch

Step 7: Connecting an on / Off Switch

Step 8: Testing the Working Lamp

With everything connected, I test to make sure that everything works as it should.