Introduction: How to Install an Operating System

In every single case, computers need an operating system to

work, so here we will show you how to install one yourself from scratch

Step 1: Download the ISO Image of the Operating System That You Will Install

1. We need to check what operating system is the best for your computer, and for that you´ll need to do some research, to look at the compatibility and capacity that you´re computer has.

2. Look for the ISO image on the internet, you could buy a license, or you could download a non-official version and then buy the license from the new computer.

3. After you downloaded the ISO image, place it somewhere you remember because we will use it later.

Step 2: Make a Bootable USB

We will need an empty USB, a computer that already has an operating system installed and a connection to the internet.

1. Plug the USB to the computer that is working.

2. Download the app called Rufus

3. Under the text that says devices, select the USB that we just plugged, if it doesn’t show the USB, make sure that is well plugged, or else it won’t appear on the options. Also, close every single program that you are using, that will help us gain speed in the process, and it will prevent any damages to the USB.

4. Go to the option that says create bootable disk with, and where the picture of the little CD appears, click on it, and now a window will pop up, and look for the ISO image that you downloaded previously.

5. Go to the option new name, and delete the text located there, and write a name for the USB, doesn’t matter what you put there, just remember the name.

6. Click begin, and we wait

7. A text where it says “undergoing process” will change to “task completed successfully”, so we eject the USB and now it’s bootable.

Step 3: Install the ISO Image on the Computer With the Bootable USB We Just Made in Step 2.

1. Plug the USB in the new computer

2. Turn the computer on

3. Keep pressing the keys F10, F12, F9 or Del, depending on the text that appears when the computer is turning on. If we didn’t get to the boot screen at first, turn the computer off and start again.

4. If you got to the Boot screen, select the USB, and move it to the top, or place it first, or if your computer is modern, just select it.

5. The installation process will start, and you´ll need to fill some information for the computer to display the right info like name, date, country or region, language, etc. we finish filling the information and we select accept.

6. The installation process will continue, but this time the only thing left to do is just wait.

7. When the installation process is over, when you get in, there will be just a few apps, and it´s better if you look for updates. And that´s it, you have a working computer with the operating system of your choice.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Computer!!

Thanks for using this guide, and we hope that you enjoyed this step by step explanation and that it was easy for you to do every step!!