Introduction: How to JailBreak a Device Running IOS 7

Jailbreaking iDevices, or devices that run iOS, has been a very popular pastime for many people. With Apple releasing new updates to counteract this ongoing process it can be very difficult sometimes. Apple has released the latest of their mobile OS which has been dubbed iOS 7, current version at time of the release of this How-To being iOS 7.04. With a new interface and lots of pretty colors one can't help but think, "Imagine what I could do if this was JailBroken!" Hence this tutorial.

Credit where credit is due, the Evasi0n team is amazing! This is all their software and programming. To the best of my knowledge at least.

DISCLAIMER: Jailbreaking a device voids its warranty and in some cases blows insurance as well. It has also a VERY small risk of bricking your device or loosing data. So Backup you device before attempting any of the following. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!

This Jailbreak works on all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 through 7.04. Or at least at the time of this instructables creation.

Step 1: Getting the Proper Files...

The following steps are done on a PC running Windows 7. It can be achieved as well using the Mac tools as well as Windows 8 and basically most major OS's.

The files you need can be downloaded from:

As well as from my cloud copy from HERE

Once the files have been downloaded, open them in your favorite archiving tool, usually WinRAR. Once opened, extract the .exe file to a location and run it. Once ran, it should show an interface very similar to the one pictured.

Step 2: The Actual JailBreaking...

Once the .exe you should plug in your device if you haven't already and the interface should detect it. As shown, it detects my iPhone 4. Before clicking Jailbreak make sure that you disable all security features of your device such as the passcode or the fun new fingerprint scanner!
Once that is completed, click Jailbreak.
It will go through many steps that you may not understand just be aware that it will reboot your device many times most likely, if it is not than......
Eventually. you will come to a screen that says to open your device and click the Evasi0n icon. Do exactly that with the newly added icon to your home. It will then continue the process by rebooting again. After reboot it will ask you to unlock your device, do so. After that it should modify the rootfs among other processes. Once it says "Done!" Your device should reboot once again. This time you should see the Evasi0n app icon on the screen and it should be Reading kernel... again among other processes. Once that completes you should see the Apple bootlogo and then you should be into your device with a new icon on the home, Cydia. FYI - Cydia is where you will get all the apps, referred to as packages, that give the extra capabilities of a jailbreak.

Step 3: Setting Up and Upgrading Cydia....

Once the previous steps are complete, click on the new and shiny Cydia icon on you home screen. It should say, "Preparing Filesystem (Cydia will exit when complete.)" and it will do just that. Once it has finished that step re-open the Cydia icon after a reboot.. It should now ask what kind of user you are, a User, a Hacker, and a Developer. User has less packages that deal with intern workings to Developer that has all scary internal packages. I usually select Developer but you choose accordingly. Then click "Done" in the top right. Immediately click on the "Changes" section on the bottom middle of the screen. Then click the "Refresh" button in the top left. It will then load a bunch of stuff and then offer upgrades. Be sure to click "Complete Upgrade" then click confirm. A bunch of stuff will happen and your device should offer a button to close Cydia, and do so again. It will reload Cydia with a new, stylish, iOS 7 based interface.

And there you have it! A fresh and new Jailbroken device on the latest of Apples mobile operating system. Enjoy, and Hack responsibly!