How to Jailbreak an IPod Touch




Introduction: How to Jailbreak an IPod Touch

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what you will need to jailbreak your iPod Touch:

1. An internet connection
2. A computer (PC, because the Mac's file system is different, and I don't know the Mac's file system.)
3. sn0wbreeze 2.7 (Download here ) After you click "Download" click regular download, otherwise you will have to register.)
4. iTunes
5. An iPod Touch (Make sure you have the latest iOS to save time and trouble later on.)

Step 2: Preparing for the Jailbreak

Here is what you have to do to prepare to jailbreak your iPod Touch:

1. Connect your iPod to your computer
2. Download sn0wbreeze 2.7

Step 3: Running Sn0wbreeze

Navigate to your downloads folder, and you should see a .zip file called "sn0wbreeze-v2.7.1". Extract that to a folder of your choice. Then navigate to the extracted .zip file, and open it. Run "sn0wbreeze-v2.7.1.exe". Click OK on the first screen, then click "Close Credits" on the next screen. After that, click the blue next arrow at the bottom right hand corner.

Go to "Start>Control Panel>Folder Options, and go to the 'Views' tab." Make sure the box that says "Show hidden files and folders" is checked.

The next screen should be an IPSW Selection screen. Click "Browse", then navigate to the Application Data folder. Inside that folder (in Windows XP) should be a folder called Apple or Apple Computer. Open that folder, then go to iTunes, then open iPod Software Updates, then select the .ipsw file, then click "Open". In Windows Vista and 7, navigate to your App Data folder, then open the Roaming folder, then open the Apple Computer folder, then open the iTunes folder, then open the iPod Software Updates folder, then select the .ipsw file and click "Open". After all that, the screen will say "Identifying IPSW..". After that, it should give an "IPSW Verified Screen. Click next.

The next screen will give you the option to choose "Simple Mode" or "Expert Mode". Choose "Simple Mode". Then click next.

It will give you the option to play Pac-Man or watch the "spinner". It is up to you. Just wait for this process to finish, then press OK.

You should get a "DFU Mode Instructions" screen. Just follow all the steps. It will ask you stuff like "Press and hold home and power button", etc. Just follow the directions.

After that, a windows should pop up that is titled "sn0wbreeze-2" and says "Your device is now in a PWNED DFU State (Black Screen)", etc. Just click OK.

Step 4: Doing the Jailbreak

Here is how you do the actual jailbreaking of your iPod Touch:

Sync your iPod Touch, so that you have a backup of your data.

Open two folders:
     1. Your Desktop
     2. a. (In Vista/7) C:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates
         b. (In XP)        C:\Documents and Settings\*Username*\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates
Move the file called "sn0wbreeze_iPod Touch 4-4.3.3.ipsw" from the Desktop to the folder called "iPod Software Updates".

Open iTunes, and navigate to the iPod Touch listed under the Devices section. then click on "Restore" to Restore your iPod Touch. Restore to the most recent backup of your iPod Touch.

After you restore your iPod Touch, sync it.

Step 5: Post Jailbreak

After all that, you have sucessfully jailbroken your iPod Touch! Congratulations! There are all sorts of things to do after you jailbreak your iPod Touch. There will be a new icon on your home screen called "Cydia". That is like the app store of the jailbreakign world. In order to customize your iPod Touch, you will need to download "Winterboard" from Cydia, if it is not already on your iPod Touch. Winterboard is like your themes manager. There are plenty of addons to chose from, randing from new Sounds, to a complete "makeover" of your iPod Touch. Have fun with it!

Step 6: Final Words...

Tell me how I did. Leave comments, suggestions, etc. Let me know if I missed something. Let me know anything! Thanks for your help!

Step 7: Download IPSW File


If there is not a file with the IPSW extension in the %Username&\App Data\Roaming\Apple Computer

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    10 years ago on Step 3

    I can get into the folder but there is only one file in it and sn0wbreeze doesn't recognize it as a .ispw file. Is there anyway to get it to validate the file or should I keep looking? Thanks for the help.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    instead of doing all that you should probably get pangu its a program to jailbreakand its also alot more easy to use


    Reply 6 years ago

    Or open it with winrar that's what I did. ^-^


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I haven't been on instructables in forever, I'm sorry... If it has any file extension other than .ipsw, you can rename it to [filename].ipsw... Sometimes browsers will save it as a .zip file


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 3

    Go to this website:
    There are download links to iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV firmwares. Just look for the one your iPod Touch, iPhone, etc. is running. Remember, you can't jailbreak the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 or iOS 5 yet... Hope this helps!


    8 years ago

    It messed up my iPod its junk it erased all my special pictures apps music EVERYTHING IS GONE


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I paologize on Step 7. Instructables must have a glitch because when I try to edit step 7, an error message pops up. What I was trying to say was:

    If there is not a file with the IPSW file extension in one of these folders:

    Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates

    Win Vista/7: %Username&\App Data\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates

    then download the appropriate one from:


    11 years ago on Step 3

    I kinda need help, I searched everywhere on my computer(Windows 7), but could not find the "app data" folder. Any alternatives?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Now, first of all, make sure your files and folders aren't hidden
    1. Go to Start>Control Panel
    2. Make sure you are using classic view so you are seeing all the icons.
    3. Go to Folder Options
    4. Go to the tab that says Views
    5. On the list below, scroll down until you find 'Show hidden files and folders'
    6. Check the box next to 'Show hidden files and folders'
    Then you should be able to find the App Data folder.

    If that doesnt help, you might not be looking in the 'Libraries' folder.
    The App Data folder should be in the Libraries folder

    Sorr if those don't help. Just leave another comment, and I will look into it more.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    yeah, after 10 minutes on Google, and 5 in my folders, I found it pretty quickly. You might want to add that it is easier to find (I can't vouch for vista or xp) if you look under your username, then app data, roaming etc.

    Here's what your directory should look like...

    users/"username"/AppData/roaming/Apple Computer/Itunes/Ipos Software Updates.
    Thanks for the Tut.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    No problem! I hope this Instructable was easy to follow. Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks for the correction as to which directory the App Data folder is in. I hope you didn't have any trouble past that. Again, thanks and your welcome!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    question: i have a jailbroken iPad with iOS 4.2.1. is there a way to update without losing anything (i.e. regular apps, jb apps, etc.)? also whats the whole deal about backing up the SHSH ive been hearing recently?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    When you update your iOS, I think there is a way to recover the apps, but I am not 100% sure, as I have not run into this problem. What you would need to do is:
    1. Sync your iPad (to create a backup).
    2. Get the iOS update from Apple (through iTunes, of course).
    3. Jailbreak the new iOS version with whatever software you used to jailbreak the
    old iOS software.
    4. Restore your iPod to the new jailbroken iOS. (Select the most recent
    sync/backup, the one you did on step 1).
    5. Done!

    Also, on the SHSH topic: I am not sure what that is... I've been hearing about that too, but I haven't worried about it. I'm sorry that I didn't help you on that.

    Thanks for reading this Instructable! Remember to rate, comment, and subscribe! (I sound like a YouTuber lol).