Introduction: How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

Learning how to juggle a soccer ball


Soccer ball and shoes

Step 1: The Basics

Keep the ball low. Make sure the ball has a little backspin every kick. Keep the ball really low, make sure it doesn't go up above your thigh. Once you get really good at juggling, you could keep the ball lower.

Step 2: Step by Step

step 1: throw the ball to your feet from your hands 1 by one, until you kick it perfectly back up to your hands. after you perfect you 1 kick and back up to your hands move up to 2 kicks per time, then so on till you reach 6 in a row perfectly.

step two: after you've perfected getting 6 kicks in a row perfectly. You have to start getting used to alternating your feet after every kick. NOTE: you could start everything with alternating feet but it will take you longer to perfect the 6 kicks. But everything will be much easier if you start with alternating feet.

Step 3: after every kick, the ball has to slowly turn backwards so you can have better control. You do not want the ball to flip backwards really fast or else when you touch the ball it'll go flying.

step 4: Learn to kick the ball low. The ball at the minimum should go at least 1 foot off your foot. at Max, it should go about 1,4 ft off your foot.

Step 5: try to go for as long as you can. For me, it usually helps if I count out loud under your breath. Try your hardest to not move around as much and to not lose control, and most importantly try not to lose your breath.