Introduction: How to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Campsite

Hi everyone! I am assuming you or someone you know are having trouble with critters on your campsite since you clicked on this Instructable! I too have had problems with these fluffy, hungry animals and thought these steps I use, could help others. Raccoons are always looking for a snack and your campsite could be their next location to look for scraps. Be careful and be safe when dealing with these cute, wild animals.

Step 1: Items You Will Need!

Raccoons are very adorable but they can get mean. Always be aware of where you put your food and make sure it is always secured properly so you won’t end up with critters disturbing your camping. To keep the trash pandas away at night, you will need heavy-duty garbage bags, bungee cords and possibly duct tape for securing your food. A couple other items needed for a raccoon repellent are peppers, onions, water, a pot, a strainer and a spray bottle. Dryer sheets are a big help in hiding the smell of food. Trust me when I say, that raccoons will go the extra mile to get your food. Deal with the problem accordingly to make sure you and the animal are safe.

Step 2: Garbage Disposal

Always locate the campsite's garbage disposal areas before you get too comfortable around the fire. These garbage areas will make the raccoons want to go there instead of trying to find your scraps that you accidentally dropping during the day. Raccoons can smell the food for miles and will more than likely travel to find that delicious smell. The use of dryer sheets, will not only make everything smell good to humans, but it will keep the raccoons far away since they do not like the smell of them. You can put these anywhere and everywhere possible.

Make sure to properly dispose of your food and DO NOT burn scraps of food. This could result in the raccoons burning themselves trying to get the scraps of food that still smell good to them.

Step 3: Secure Your Food!

When storing the food you didn’t eat during that day is important. Store them properly in a cooler that is secured. GO out of the way to make sure that cooler is impossible to get open for a raccoon. Do this by using bungee cords to wrap around it. Another thing you can use is duct tape to wrap around but that is only if you do not have any other supplies with you. A common way to protect your food is to hoist the cooler up on something that is hard to reach for raccoons and this also is a good precaution to make when in an area with bears. DO NOT let your cooler sit outside unsecured because the raccoons will open it and take al the food you have in it.

Step 4: Raccoon Repellent

Raccoon repellent is a thing! This repellant spray consists of a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, hot peppers, and onions. You will want to bring water to a boil (Either at the campsite or at home), add your tablespoon of cayenne pepper, onion, and sliced hot peppers in the hot water. After 20 minutes of boiling, strain the liquid into a spray bottle. When your campsite is set up, you can spray the surrounding areas including plants or garbage with the repellent. DO NOT spray anywhere that humans could possibly get into contact with it in case of irritation of the eyes. The raccoons do not like the smell of peppers and onions and it will stay far away from that spicy smell.

Step 5: Be Safe!

Take precautions when dealing with wildlife because they are just as scared of people as people are of them. If the right steps are taken, the animals will learn they do not want to be where the people are camping. Raccoons love free snacks and will do anything to get that last scrap of food that the human baby dropped on the ground. Be cautious around racoons, they could be very dangerous. Enjoy the outdoors safely and always be prepared for the critters.