Introduction: How to Keep Your Ipod Like New!

It seems no matter what you do to protect a shiny new Ipod, it always ends up looking like you took a belt sander to the back of it's new shiny chrome backing. When I got a new Ipod touch, I set out to conquer this age old problem with a few simple steps. Whether you are just OCD like me or are concerned about resale value of your new Ipod, taking the following steps will help guarantee that your Ipod stays as new as ever.

Note: These Instructions are for an ipod touch, but they can be easily modified for any model MP3 player or ipod

Step 1: Before You Do Anything....

If you have a sealed or have not yet bought your ipod, you are in the best position. That's how I started with my new ipod and it turned out perfectly.

Do not take your Ipod out of the case. Keep it sealed in the box or else oil and dust could create an imperfect application

The key to a good screen protector application is a completely dust and oil free surface. If you have a used ipod, here's what I did to my past ipod when I bought a screen protector/case for it:

- buy dust remover and dust all openings in the Ipod, including the USB port and headphone jack

- Take a needle and get the gunk out of the seam between the plastic lining and the screen/chrome

- Clean the back and screen thoroughly with windex or a similar gentle glass cleaner

- Immediately place the Ipod in a plastic bag to insure it stays dust free

Step 2: Stuff to Get.....

Here's what you need to buy:

1. A good screen protector

A good screen protector makes or breaks this project. DO NOT buy cheap screen protectors. The best you can buy in my opinion is the The Power Support anti-glare Ipod touch screen protector since it applies perfectly, reduces glare, almost eliminates fingerprints, and gives the screen a sensitive paper-like feel that I love. It also comes with a back protector which protects the back of your Ipod in case something like a pebble slips into your case. It can be found at many online stores such as the Apple Store. It may seem pricey to some but I guarantee that it is worth almost 3 times that for what it does.

2. A case

When your looking for a case, you want something that is not meant for the Ipod to be taken in and out of. What I've found is that you want something permanent because the sliding cases cause scratches when debris get caught in the inside. I would also recommend something that is rubber to improve grip, something thin so you don't lose the profile of the Ipod, and something that has a lip on the edge to protect the screen. I have found the most success with theIncase Protective Cover for iPod touch. Once again, it may seem pricey but it has protected my Ipod well and has proved invaluable. It also has a unique design that "hugs" the Ipod so well that it feels that the case is part of the device while still remaining extremely thin and giving a bit of a lip above the screen so you can lay it face down without worrying about the screen. They also have a slightly more expensive "Slider" model that provides the same amazing protection while still being able to slide it in your pocket since it is plastic. I haven't tried it myself, but I heard some pretty good reviews about it and would bet that it is a quality product.

3. Several DVDRs

I'll get into this later, but if you want to back up your Itunes library they are essential

Step 3: The Screen Protector

Now that you have your screen protector, it's time to put it on. First, go into a bathroom with a shower and close all windows and doors and hot water in the shower for several minutes, letting the steam drift around the room to remove dust. Next, grab a credit card, some gloves, your ipod still in the box in in a plastic bag, and your case and screen protector. Once the steam has cleared, slip into the room and either wash your hands very well or put on your gloves. Any oil on your hands can ruin the screen.
Carefully take your ipod out and put it on a soft cloth to apply the screen protector. When you have done that, take out your screen protector and then take off the ipod's factory screen protector. Being careful to get NO dust on the screen, peel off a corner of the screen protector and line it up with the corner of the screen. If you get dust on the screen, quickly grab your dust remover and blast it off. Now take your credit card and slowly from the corner up, press down the screen protector slowly making sure to get no bubbles.
If you did it correctly, you should not be able to tell there is a screen protector on. If you bought the recommended screen protector, flip the ipod over and do the same with the back and the back protector. This may seem paranoid to you, but if you put on a screen protector and there is a bubble or little speck of dust, it will drive you crazy!
If you have done that correctly, congratulations! The hard parts over.

Step 4: The Case

Ok, so far so good. Now you must put it in the case you bought. A young chimp could work it out so I need not explain the rest.

Step 5: Backup

Now that you're done with all that, you can chose to back up your itunes library if you chose too. This shouldn't be necessary if you buy all your media from apple, but if you got all of your songs from some guy seeding from Nigeria, you should probably back up. Just into itunes and somewhere under file or something like that you should find a backup option. Just follow the on screen instructions, click accept a few times, and repeatedly press next until you get what you want.

For those of you uncapable of pressing the next button, help can be found here.

Step 6: Ta Da!!!!

You're done! As long as you're not an idiot and go around throwing your ipod at brick walls, should be able to keep that shiny appleness that is the ipod (does not imply endorsement). I would post a picture of my ipod's shiny back, but unfortunately you cannot have your cake and eat it too and I was too afraid to remove the case! If this has helped in any way, that's all I was trying to do so please post a comment if this helped!

PS. I'm a terrible speller, so if any of you grammar Nazis find a mistake, feel free to post and I'll try to fix it!