Introduction: How To: Keep an Action Figure Standing!

You're trying to make an animation with figures... but something isn't quite working. Everytime you move, your characters fall over and this is your Fiftith Take! Well here is a simple and easy way to keep your figures standing through day and night, keep your number of takes down, your temper down, and maybe make work a bit easier for you. By the end of this instructable you should be able to put your Figure in almost any pose possible. Ok, let's get started.

Step 1: Your Enlistment: the Materials!

In order to follow these instructions properly, you will need each of the following, Take what you can soldier and get in line!

- One Drill
- Assorted Drill Bits
- Rare Earth Magnets
- Five Minute Apoxi Glue
- The Action Figure(s)
- Sheet Metal
- Toothpicks
- Newspaper or Discarded Paper

Step 2: Boot Camp: Drilling the Bit!

Now that all your materials are gathered, this first thing you want to do is match one drill bit size to the magnet using the flat end of the bit, so when you drill the hole it is the exact size so the magnet will not fall out or be too tight! If your not sure, it's better to have a smaller drill bit then a larger one, just incase you 'drill' up. Attatch the drill bit to the drill and prepare for comabt.

Step 3: Trainning: the 'Worm'hole to Standing!

Now that you have the right drill bit in the drill, you can drill out the middle of the foot. Put the tip of the drill bit as close to the middle as you can and begin to drill in short bursts. Once you have the hole started, you can now continously drill until the hole is deep enough for the magnet to fit inside.

Step 4: Briefing: Stepping in Glue...

Now that you have drilled the right hole for the magnet, you have to glue and insert the magnet into the foot. First, you must dab the same amount of the Apoxi glue onto the paper from both tubes. Next, you take the tooth pick and swirl the two types of glue on the piece of paper so that the glue will be made sure to work, as it says in the instructions on the back of the glue container/box. Dab the toothpick into the glue and start to apply it inside the foot hole, then add the magnet. Let figure stand or sit for 10 minutes, to make sure the glue is working.  

Step 5: Debriefing: One Small Step For... Toys?

This figure is now trained and briefed for battle. You can now use the action figure to take down enemy target's, walk, hop, jump and stand up properly.

Step 6: Your First Mission: to Battle!

This is just a quick video to show you what you can do with your own figures, Now get out there and join your fellow soldiers, Dismissed!