How to Kick-flip




Introduction: How to Kick-flip

This instructable will teach you how to do a kick-flip!!!

Step 1: Foot Position (On Ground)

Leading foot which is your dominate foot is at a 45 degree angle, while your knees are bent slightly. Trailing foot or back foot should be in the tail pocket of the board. It should be in the middle board on the tail end facing forward.

Step 2: Pop

During this phase you want to drive your trailing foot through the tail of the board. When doing that you must simultaneously lift your leading foot. This is the most important phase because the pop is the only way to get your board off the ground. *straight up no twisting of the body.

Step 3: Push

After the initial pop your weight will be on your back foot. As soon as you feel that pop you should be immediately jumping. Pushing you front foot at a 45 degree angle off the side of the board.

Step 4: Leg Movement

The front leg movement should be a sliding movement towards the top right corner of the board. Use the tips of your right toes to control the rotation of the board.

Step 5: Pocket Flick (Ankle Sweep)

Your toes at this point should be in the "pocket" of the board. This specific spot is where your board begins to bend at the top of your board. This is to prepare for the flicking motion, what causes the board to rotate in the "kick-flip" motion.

Step 6: Flick

To flick your board is to gently snap off the tip of you leading shoe in an upward position. The flick of your board is the second most crucial part. If you flick your board downward which is a common mistake it can cause your front foot to miss the top of the board and you to not land the trick.

Step 7: Feet Position (In Air)

Your feet position in the air should be above your board as best as possible. The front foot should be higher than your back.

Step 8: Catch

To catch your board after its rotation it should be your trailing foot. To do this you must land on your back foot.

Step 9: Foot Position (Landing)

This is the easiest step in the process. Just landing on the board is similarly to just jumping back onto the board.

Step 10: Landing Balance

Balance is key. Try not shifting your body more than you have to in order to keep your board under control.

Step 11: Video

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    5 years ago

    Landing the kickflip is much harder than getting the board to flip. Also, learning to kickflip will destroy your shoes if you don't have skate shoes on, lol! Nice instructable. I learned to kickflip by first trying it on grass where you can learn how much rotation you need first , then focus on landing cleanly.


    5 years ago

    Fun! My nephew loves to skate too, it's pretty fun to watch :)