How to Knit a Blanket

Introduction: How to Knit a Blanket

Hello! In this video we'll take you through how to knit a blanket, using Wool and the Gang's Crazy Sexy Wool and rosewood knitting needles. The video will take you through each and every step, enjoy!

Step 1: Grab Your Crazy Sexy Wool and Find the End of the Yarn

In this tutorial we'll use Crazy Sexy Wool and 15mm / US19 knitting needles.

Start off by grabbing your yarn, and find the end of the yarn.

Step 2: Make a Slip Knot

Before you cast on, you need to make a slip knot. This is how to make one:

Make the slip knot around 30 cm / 10 inches from the edge of your yarn strand. With the tail, make a small loop and pull the yarn through the loop. Pull the yarn.

Step 3: Cast On

Put one of the knitting needles through your slip knot loop.

Put the needle in your right hand, and wrap the yarn around your left hand (shaped like a gun).

With the end of your needle, go through the loop around the thumb, let go and you'll have a new stitch on your needle. Cast on 14 stitches. This will create a square of 20cm / 7.5".

Step 4: Knit Your First Row

With your empty needle in your right hand (if you are right handed), knit one row of knit stitches. (Full instructions in the video)

Step 5: Continue Knitting Until Your Square Measures 20cm / 7.5cm Tall

Continue knitting until your square measures 20cm / 7.5cm tall.

Step 6: Cast Off

Now, it's time to cast off your stitches! Knit two stitches. Then using your left needle, move the first stitch over the second (basically pull it over your second stitch), so you end up with one stitch only on your right needle. When you get to the end, cut your yarn leaving 30cm of yarn and pull through. You should now have a finished square.

Step 7: Sew Your Squares Together - and You're DONE!

Angle your squares so that the garter stitch is horizontal and vertical varying square by square.

Thread the yarn through a (chunky) sewing needle, and weave the needle through the little 'bumps' at the ends (check the video for full details).

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    Question 2 years ago

    How many balls of yarn are needed to make this?


    Question 3 years ago on Introduction

    Does each square take one roll or more? Can you post a photo of your design layout? Can you provide yarn numbers or colors? I’m sorry for so many questions; this will be my first attempt in the world of needle arts! Except for cross stitch! :)


    6 years ago

    I love your wool choice and the colors!

    Wool and the Gang
    Wool and the Gang

    Reply 6 years ago

    Aw thank you wold630! So glad you like.