Introduction: How to Knit on Your Fingers With Arm Knitting Yarn

I started by making scarves with different colours of arm knitting yarn.

Step 1: The First Part.

Before you start it would be a good idea to make sure you have enough arm knitting yarn. Normal yarn will not will work otherwise you will get large holes. Usually I use a whole ball of yarn, so I do not run out very easily.

To start get a small amount of yarn (enough to fit your thumb through) and tie it in a knot. Then you put your thumb through the hole.

Step 2: Getting Started

Wrap the yarn so their is one loop of yarn around your finger. Do this until each finger has one loop around it. To make sure you are doing this correctly, start the loop from behind the finger and then go around it.

Step 3: Starting the Lines of Yarn

To make more lines of stitches, whilst you are on your little finger make another loop and pull the bottom loop over. Do this to the rest of the fingers. Since your thumb is usually lower than all of your other fingers, you might have to do an extra stitch on it to avoid getting a big hole. Sometimes you also get a spare loop that can be pulled over the same finger, so it does not look lumpy.

Step 4: The Lines of Yarn

After a few lines you should start being able to see the lines of stitches well. you can continue as long as you want it to be or how much yarn you have on the ball of yarn. It is possible to make stitches by the side to make it wider, but it is just more simple to go down.

Step 5: How to Finish.

When you finish ,you should have no large holes or big lumps. Do not just drop your stitches otherwise your work may be unravelled. Make sure you are at the end of the row otherwise.the line will be not be straight. To finish pull the loop off your thumb and place it on the index finger. After that , pull the loop under the top loop over. Whilst doing this you may need to an extra loop on some fingers to avoid making it curled up. You might get a spare loop at the end and that can be pulled through another loop. If you still have leftover yarn you will probably need a pair of scissors to cut the yarn off. Make sure you leave enough yarn to tie a small knot to stop your stitches from being unravelled.

Using this method could make a nice gift for any occasion

If you have any questions, you can ask below.

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